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The Student News Site of Wilde Lake High School

The Paw Print

The Student News Site of Wilde Lake High School

The Paw Print

Crowds Pour in for “Legally Blonde”

Crowds Pour in for “Legally Blonde”

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief March 10, 2023

On Friday, March 10, one hour before curtain of the second night of “Legally Blonde,” a line has already formed in the rain outside of the Jim Rouse Theater. Friday and Saturday night’s shows...

 Junior Elise Varoli describes Ms. Padgett as ‘communicative, kind, and creative.’”(Photo by Josh Cofie)

Curtains Open to the Padgett Era

Josh Cofie and Arielle Levine January 4, 2023

Enter stage left: Wilde Lake graduate, seasoned technical director, and history teacher of 13 years, Ms. Jessica Padgett. This year, Ms. Padgett filled the role of Wilde Lake’s theater director, left...

Students in the 1975-76 school year of Wilde Lake in the schools yearbook, The Glass Hour, four years after the school opened in 1971. The caption of the photo reads, “The joy of celebrating togetherness is what Wilde Lake and the ‘76 Glass Hour is all about!” At this point, Advisory was part of the school’s structure. (Photo courtesy of The Glass Hour staff)

Advisory Falls Short of Vision

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief November 18, 2022

There’s a saying that goes, “A few bad apples can spoil the bunch.” In some ways, this applies to Advisory — a 20-minute time block between periods two and three on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  On...

Almost, Maine Cast and Crew Prepare for Opening Night

“Almost, Maine” Cast and Crew Prepare for Opening Night

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief November 17, 2022

The snow machine is filled with fake snow. The last coat of paint has been applied. And the doors are set to open at 7 PM on November 17 for the opening night of “Almost, Maine.” Set in a fictional...

At 65, I am in the 99th height percentile for women in the United States.

A Tall Tale

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief November 15, 2022

Jeans never reach my ankles. As a 6’5 girl, I’m an anomaly. An odd sight to see. Oftentimes, people’s eyes will scan me, their heads tilting up, then down, then back up. Some will whisper to their...

Ms. Adler with students at a medieval feast event fundraiser in Baltimore where she was the Lady of the Feast. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Adler)

Ms. Adler Retires After 32 Years of Theater Excellence

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief June 17, 2022

Ever since Ms. Adler was a young girl, she was in the spotlight.   Since elementary school, her mom had her acting in community shows. By high school, she was doing shows all year. She majored in...

We Are Not the Lost Generation

We Are Not the Lost Generation

Alayna Rover and Hannah Boyer June 14, 2022

Those of us born in Generation Z — 1997-2012* — have faced a lifetime’s worth of problems in the few years we have been around. Despite facing many setbacks, we always find a way to persevere.  Our...

Students playing cards in Ms. Sweitzer’s advisory

Creating a Better Wilde Lake is Up To Us

Greta Giuliano, Staff Editor June 14, 2022

Every day, I see kids breaking the rules. Whether it’s skipping class, leaving campus for lunch, or any of the other rules for our safety and education, people are breaking them every day.  We...

A penny next to a lethal dose of fentanyl.

Marijuana Users May Unknowingly Be Taking Lethal Fentanyl Doses

Lauren Kelly and Zoe MacDiarmid June 14, 2022

If you thought that marijuana was harmless, think again. According to the CDC, marijuana is not only more potent that it ever was, but it is increasingly being found laced with the deadly opioid, fentanyl.  According...

2022 Senior Spotlights

2022 Senior Spotlights

Lauren Kelly, N'Dea Walters, and Zoe MacDiarmid May 27, 2022

In August 2018, the Class of 2022 came to Wilde Lake as freshmen. Though many were unsure about what careers they wanted to pursue when they graduated, a few already had something in mind. “The Paw...

Priyal Dhringra (right) and Maria Romano-Sweitzer (left) in the Wilde Lake cafeteria on the night of the 2022 Spanish Honor Society Induction. Priyal is the Vice President of membership for the Spanish Honor Society.

Priyal Dhingra

Lauren Kelly, N'Dea Walters, and Zoe MacDiarmid May 27, 2022

Priyal Dhingra has “always wanted to be a doctor.”  “That was always the thing,” she said. “I never changed it. I always stuck to that.”  Recently, her focus has been on orthopedic...

Valerie Brady photographed before the fall 2021 homecoming. She has written four novels over the course of six years.

Valerie Brady

Lauren Kelly, N'Dea Walters, and Zoe MacDiarmid May 27, 2022

Valerie Brady has always had a passion for writing. At 18 years old, she has written four novels, the longest one being 81,000 words.  This passion for writing even allowed her to write a full novel...

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