Sun Shines on Wilde Lake for Pep Rally


After a week of rain, the sun came out for Wilde Lake’s Homecoming pep rally. 

Students gathered on the bleachers to celebrate their school spirit. This year was the first year since 2020 where the tradition of pep rally before homecoming was uninterrupted by COVID or the weather. 

For sophomore Sam Brady, the step team was the best part of the pep rally. “Their routines are very intricate,” he said. “It’s very impressive.”

Every class competed to outdo their peers, making the stands burst with energy. “We are celebrating our school spirit and our connection to the community,” said English teacher Ms. Henderson.” And, sure on the surface level it’s the football game. But also, just involvement in the school. I think it’s an exciting time of year.” 

Student Government President Sajana Vigna-McLaughlin says the chance to be together as a school community “means a lot” after COVID disrupted the past two years. 

“Personally, seniors this year having the chance to fully participate in these events is amazing knowing that years before didn’t even have it as a possibility and is starting our high school careers off being disrupted from COVID-19,” said Sajana. 

Senior Ezra Lynch says he appreciates the opportunity to “be able to participate in these events and see underclassmen do it as well.”

As put by senior Oliver Song, pep rallies are “the perfect dose of chaos and coordination.”