“Almost, Maine” Cast and Crew Prepare for Opening Night

A Peek Behind the Curtain

The snow machine is filled with fake snow. The last coat of paint has been applied. And the doors are set to open at 7 PM on November 17 for the opening night of “Almost, Maine.”

Set in a fictional town, “Almost, Maine” spotlights nine couples in milestones in their relationships. From young love to divorce, this show highlights these different relationship dynamics and shows “very real experiences,” says Paint crew co-head and deck manager Ezra Lynch.

Gabby Oshadiya, an assistant stage manager and deck manager, says that the show’s plot of love will be relatable to some audience members.

“I think this show is gonna reach a lot of people because it really taps into the variation of relationships in society,” said Gabby. “It allows people to see themselves on the stage.”