Homecoming Celebrations Energize Wilde Lake

Not even a storm could stop the senior class from claiming one of Wilde Lake’s long-held traditions — the Friday morning senior walk-in.

In the face of a threatening pandemic, gale-force winds, and school-wide exhaustion, this year’s SGA has mounted a Homecoming celebration for the history books.

Senior, Veronica Goode Class of 2022 Vice President helped plan Homecoming events. “I’m super excited that we are even having a homecoming at all,” she said. “I really love the theme and it has been really fun planning it. Senior year has been really exciting and we have so many more great things coming up. The walk in was a total success and it is super great planning our last year here with so many amazing people.”

Mari Abdurrahman, senior, and Student Government Association Vice President, reflects on the general excitement that comes with Homecoming. “I’m just really excited for everyone to have a good, fun time and spend it with their friends,” she said. “I’m also excited to watch the freshman and sophomores experience their first homecoming because of how exciting it can be.”

The seas of green, gold, black, and white that filled the Lake were no reflection of the gloomy Friday.