Family History Impacts Mr. Holzman’s Career


Photo submitted by Mr. Holzman

Mr. Holzman with his family

Hope Kahn

Ever since he was a child, Mr. Holzman has felt a connection to history. He brings that passion to Wilde Lake as the new AP Economics, Honors World History and U.S History teacher.

The history of his grandfather’s lives made the most significant impact on him. “One of my grandfathers, even though I never met him, flew over 30 missions as a navigator in World War II,” he said. “And the other, who I was really close to, was an Aeronautical engineer in World War II.”

The connection he had with his grandfather taught him a lot. “I would hear stories about his life growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, and we would watch the History Channel together,” he said. He looks forward to reciprocating that love for history to his students.