Mr. Wallace Returns to Howard County as a Government Teacher


Mr. Wallace in his classroom

Hope Kahn

Mr. Wallace was born and raised in Howard County, but moved to New Mexico when he was 21 years old. After 12 years in the “Land of Enchantment,” he returns as an American Government teacher.

His Native American Studies teacher in high school inspired him to move to New Mexico when he was 21 years old, inspired from a field trip to the Southwest. “I wanted to experience something new,” he said. “Plus, the landscapes, food and environment [in New Mexico] were all so beautiful so I knew I had to return.”

He received his Bachelors and Masters in secondary education from the University of New Mexico.

Now, at Wilde Lake, he is sharing his love for government in his classroom and the school as a a sponsor of the SGA. “I hope I can bring more structure and government strategy to the club,” he said.