Social Studies Teacher Ms. Volpe Awarded Secondary Teacher of the Year


Photo provided by Ms. Volpe

Ms. Volpe’s enthusiastic presence is known throughout the school, and now it is known throughout the state. On March 25, she was awarded  “Secondary Teacher of the Year” by the Maryland Council for Social Studies.

“I didn’t think I was going to win, so I was running late to the ceremony,” she said. “When I walked in, they announced my name and I was shocked, humbled, and felt really valued as a teacher.”

The bond that Ms. Volpe creates with students is special. Senior Julianna Bonner knew she wanted to be Ms. Volpe’s student aid since she had her in 9th grade. “She’s the teacher that goes to the games and events. She’s always there for her students and I know that once I graduate I’ll still come back and visit her,” said Bonner.

Her qualifications for the award include being Nationally Board Certified and 9th Grade Team Leader, but the reason why she won Teacher of the Year lies within her classroom.

“The classroom isn’t my classroom, it’s our classroom,” she stated. “I like to be treated with respect, so that’s how I teach my students.”