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PARCC Replaced by MCAP

Chris Carey works on an assessment.

Hope Kahn

May 14, 2019

Next year, the PARCC assessment will be replaced by the MCAP, short for the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program, in an attempt to improve state assessment testing by providing a shorter and more efficient way to test the MD College and Career Ready Standards in Reading, English, and Math, accordi...

Seniors Regret Freshman Failures

Senior Corey Cooke proves his growth as he speaks at the Black History Month Assembly.

Adriana Irizarry-Cruz, Writer

May 14, 2019

As graduation approaches, seniors are looking back on their time in high school. Each year has its ups and downs, but freshman year tends to be the biggest struggle. It was a hard transition from middle school, and many students had a hard time developing a good work ethic. Because of this, their grades ...

Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Wilde Lake step team highlights the diverse aspects of Wilde Lake at the Black History Month Assembly.

Darae Lyles, Writer

May 14, 2019

Diversity is one of the biggest challenges we embrace here at The Lake. Wilde Lake’s diversity score is 70 percent, which is higher than the state average, 40 percent. We have African-Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, Afro-Latinos, Asians, Middle Easterns, Africans, and Hawaiians. From celebrating cul...

Let’s Start School With WildeCat Time Every Day

Students who constantly work throughout the entire school day believe they could benefit from extra time to work.

Sydney Cox, Arts Editor

May 14, 2019

Waking up around 6:15 am is insufferable for most students, including myself. We get to school groggy and irritated, with almost no motivation to even walk in the building. Trudging outside to the bus stop, I’m engulfed in darkness, with only street lights guiding my path. There seems to be no posi...

Wilde Lake Tightens Safety Measures in Response to Threat of Gun Violence in Columbia

Senior Darae Lyles gets off of her bus to be greeted by Officer Shams

Bryan Shin, Filmmaker/ Writer

May 14, 2019

The school shootings that have occurred throughout the United States are incidents that have changed the mindsets of many throughout the entire country. 2018 was a record year for school shooting incidents with 113 killed or injured, according to BBC News. In 2018, schools across the United States underw...

Mr. Nicks Motivates Students Through Class Visits

Mr. Nicks leads a discussion with students (Photo provided by Mr. Nicks)

Sarah Rubin, Print Co-Editor in Chief

May 13, 2019

Walking into a room, BSAP Liaison Mr. Nicks commands attention. His inviting personality and spirited energy draws the crowd in, and all eyes are on him as he greets the students. In the 9th grade classes he visited during the month of April, he shared his own story hoping to connect, inspire, and motiva...

Wilde Lake Varsity Basketball Has a “Special season… something to be remembered.”

Emmanuel Wright jumps to make a layup.

Darae Lyles, Writer

May 13, 2019

The Wilde Lake High School boys Varsity Basketball team, composed of eight seniors and the rest of the lineup juniors, finished fourth in the county with a season record of 16-8. Senior guard Trea Keys credits his success to the team. “I knew what we had here would be something great,” he said....

I Was Homesick After a Day at Glenelg

Senior Rachel Henry (left) and Glenelg junior Justin Robertson (right) at Glenelg. (Photo from Glenelg’s twitter.)

Rachel Henry, Editor-in-Chief

May 13, 2019

Walking up to Glenelg at 7:45 March 27, 2018 was terrifying. I had on my Wilde Lake sweatshirt, and my bulky Wilde Lake band jacket. I was a giant billboard saying “Hey! Look at me! I don’t belong here!” All of the participating students and some counselors sat down in a small conference room...

Teachers Award Record Number of Positive Behavior Forms

Student conversations with administration are encouraged through the use of positive behavior forms

MiMi Johnson

May 13, 2019

This year, teachers have handed out more positive behavior forms than discipline forms, the result of an increased effort to recognize students for their successes and not simply their missteps. In the first two quarters of the school year, 179 disciplinary forms were given out to students. But duri...

Coach Henderson Fills Head Coach Position for Upcoming Football Season

Coach Henderson on the sideline intensely instructing his team

Aenilah Watkins, Web Editor in Chief

May 9, 2019

The Wilde Lake Wildecats will be hearing a new voice along the sidelines under the Friday Night Lights as former assistant coach, Coach Henderson, steps up and replaces head coach, Coach Henderson for the 2019-2020 football season. Next year will be Coach Henderson’s sixth year coaching football at...

Wilde Lake Students Attend Glenelg High For a Day

Wilde Lake and Glenelg students at Glenelg on March 27. (Photo contributed from Glenelg’s Twitter)

Hope Kahn

May 9, 2019

Wilde Lake students are used to the open building, diverse classes, and constant noise, so when five students had the opportunity to attend Glenelg for the day, they noticed an enclosed building, a lack of diversity, and silent hallways. Senior Rachel Henry presented the idea she had last year. “...

Social Studies Teacher Ms. Volpe Awarded Secondary Teacher of the Year

Photo provided by Ms. Volpe

Hope Kahn

May 9, 2019

Ms. Volpe’s enthusiastic presence is known throughout the school, and now it is known throughout the state. On March 25, she was awarded  “Secondary Teacher of the Year” by the Maryland Council for Social Studies. “I didn’t think I was going to win, so I was running late to the ceremony,...

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