An Early Finish: Sixteen Year Old Ariel Uy Graduates with the Class of 2017


Rachel Eisenhauer, 2016-2017 Arts Editor

When making the decision to graduate from high school a year early, junior Ariel Uy asked herself, “Consider how it will affect all parts of your life. What are you missing [and] what are you gaining from leaving a year early?”

For Uy, the decision was a difficult one. A lot of opportunities and experiences can be lost and the whole process has to get done in a short amount of time.

“Around the beginning of the year, graduating early came up a couple of times,” said Uy. “Somebody asked me if I had thought about it, and I hadn’t, but then after that I started thinking about it and looked up that procedure for how to do it.”

Uy’s parents supported her through her decision, as her mother graduated a year early from high school as well.

To graduate early, the student’s guidance counselor and parent have to submit letters as to why this is best for the student. The student then has to fill out a five year plan and state how they plan to get all the credits required to graduate.

From taking the SATs and applying to colleges, what was once done over the course of a year had to be accomplished in the span of a few months.

When filling out college applications, Uy only had two years of high school to go off instead of three.

One benefit is now I don’t have to be stressed about college anymore because I already applied,” said Uy. “I think it will be really freeing to be gone from high school.”

Through graduating early, Uy feels as if she will gain a lot of opportunities and freedom in college that high school doesn’t provide.

“I will be able to take lots of interesting and challenging classes,” said Uy. “There’s a lot more freedom and independence in college, of choosing classes and of what you do outside of class.”

For herself, Uy feels like the benefits outweighed the difficulties.

“If you are in a situation where college or work is the best option, you should consider it [graduating early],” said Uy. “I think it is the right decision for me.”