Paw Print Reveals Fourth Floor Mystery


Julia Bohse

Many freshman enter Wilde Lake believing in rumors about the fourth floor, such as this one, that it holds Wilde Lake’s pool.

Rachel Eisenhauer and Julia Bohse

From a swim team to a monster, the fourth floor has been a source of mystery for Wilde Lake students for years. Having not been allowed to venture to the fourth floor, students began to create their own tales of what really lies above the third floor.

With gates guarding the entrance, students walk past it every day, wondering what is up there.

While some responses were more realistic, other students, like freshman Kulani Corkeron, allowed their imaginations to run “wilde.” “My friends said there was a monster, like a monster that hides in your closet or under your bed,” said Corkeron.

“My sister told me there was a pool. It’s what everyone said. I was convinced for a half a year that there was a pool,” said senior Maddy Ho.

Other students also talked about hearing stories about the fourth floor from siblings or continuing rumors with their younger siblings.

“I convinced my freshman brother that there was a pool,” said junior Maya English.

Freshman Anaya Chand heard the rumor from a different source. “Last year on the Wilde Lake tour, all the juniors told us that there was a pool,” said Chand.

Freshman Megan Matthews agrees with Chand. “I think there is a pool, that’s what the upperclassmen told me,” said Matthews.

Some students heard more detailed descriptions, like junior Jenny Gloyd. “I thought there was a pool for the Wilde Lake swim team, the Watercats, that practice every Monday,” said Gloyd.

Other students, like freshman Mikel Evah, were convinced that the fourth floor was seniors only. “I was told that the seniors go up there at the end of the year,” said Evah.

Junior Kate Giammalvo heard a more amusing story. “My friends told me there was a ball pit on the fourth floor,” said Giammalvo.

A few students were a bit more realistic, like sophomore George Wilson“I think that there is air ventilation systems and utility supplies,” said Wilson.

Junior Hayley Adler had similar ideas. “I was told there was a pool, but I think that it’s a maintenance area with janitorial supplies. I wish we actually had a pool, that’d be cool,” said Adler.

Sophomore Maggie Van Franken agrees with Adler.  “There is some kind of storage up there and air vents,” said Van Franken.

Some students have changed their minds regarding what is on the fourth floor. “Now I think that there are empty classrooms up there,” said Ho.

These rumors have been spread and expanded throughout the history of Wilde Lake. Every student who passes through the doors has heard some rumor as to what is beyond the gates.

So what really is beyond the gates? We decided to find out. Mr. Crouse allowed Paw Print staff to visit the fourth floor for a few minutes. We were able to take these pictures from the elevator, but were not granted access to much else. And so, as to what else might be up there, we leave to your imaginations.