Testing For PARCC Is Going To Take Some Adjusting

Testing For PARCC Is Going To Take Some Adjusting

PARCC isn’t going away. As much as many students would like to never take PARCC or another standardized test again, that doesn’t seem likely. Because we can’t get rid of it, we need to find a way to live with it. Both students and staff need to work together to change the things they can.

1. Students should be excused from all class work missed while taking the PARCC.

Currently, students are required by their teachers to make up all materials missed when absent from class because of PARCC.

It isn’t always easy for teachers to review the material taught the previous days, and in addition to homework assigned when they get back, students have to find time to complete the extra work that they missed.

It feels like we are being punished for having to take the PARCC test. For those who do not have the ability to stay after school and work one-on-one with teachers, PARCC puts them at a disadvantage because of all the information they missed.

As of now, it is up to the teachers’ discretion as to how students will make up missed work.

I argue that administration make it a rule that students taking PARCC are exempt from any and all work that they missed.

2. Students and teachers need to change their mindsets towards the PARCC tests.

It is no secret that many teachers dislike the PARCC test and agree with students that we should not have to take it. But we do have to take it. When teachers do not respect the test, that attitude passes on to their students.

Teachers are not motivated to encourage students to do their best on the test because of their opinions towards the test. That lack of motivation influences the way that students go into the test. Students are not motivated to try hard and do their best, and many end up blowing it off and either leaving many answers blank or only putting in minimal effort.

We should think differently. Instead of being indifferent, we should be determined to do well. If we do that, Wilde Lake’s scores as a school would improve and changes might be made.

I am not advocating for PARCC, but if we do need to take it, we need to focus on changing the things that we can, instead of punishing students for factors they can’t control.