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We Are Not the Lost Generation

We Are Not the Lost Generation

Alayna Rover and Hannah Boyer June 14, 2022

Those of us born in Generation Z — 1997-2012* — have faced a lifetime’s worth of problems in the few years we have been around. Despite facing many setbacks, we always find a way to persevere.  Our...

Students playing cards in Ms. Sweitzer’s advisory

Creating a Better Wilde Lake is Up To Us

Greta Giuliano, Staff Editor June 14, 2022

Every day, I see kids breaking the rules. Whether it’s skipping class, leaving campus for lunch, or any of the other rules for our safety and education, people are breaking them every day.  We...

Spiderman, Riverdale, 10 Things I Hate About You, Euphoria, and 13 Reasons Why (clockwise from top left) are just some examples of teen media. The characters depicted in these shows and movies are vastly different, due in part to the various ways producers choose to portray teenagers. (Graphic by Yasmin Roach)

Media is Harming Teens

Yasmin Roach, Staff Writer June 10, 2022

A teenage girl walks into a dark room. She grabs a red solo cup filled with beer and joins dancers in the center of the room. The others at the party are drinking beer, too, some probably taking drugs. This...

The College Dropout: A Retrospective

The College Dropout: A Retrospective

William Kingue, Music Columnist May 27, 2022

The two images Mr. Shaw displayed at his second testimony.

Teaching Tolerance Is Not Political Indoctrination 

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief May 12, 2022

On February 10, for the second time this school year, Wilde Lake Health teacher Mr. Shaw testified to the Howard County Board of Education on “accountability and political indoctrination” in Howard...

The history behind the N-word. (Artwork by Alayna Rover)

Lets Take Back the N-Word

Alayna Rover, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

After an incident at Homecoming, the debate over the n-word resurfaced at Wilde Lake as to who, if anyone, can say the n-word. The conflict resulted in an announcement from Ms. Leonard stating that hate...

Beruktawit Gebreamlak (left) and Ruth Ayele (right) representing Ethiopia on Culture Day.

On Culture Day, Let’s Recognize that Black History is International

Gabrielle Olibris, Staff Writer April 8, 2022

Every spring, Wilde Lake holds Culture Day, a day to recognize the cultures represented at our school.  As we celebrate the diversity of our school, let’s continue to recognize the importance of...

The first boss of the game, The Prospector. The game features a retro-pixelated screen.

A Tabletop Game On a Computer: “Inscryption”

Marran Frigo, Staff Writer March 10, 2022

The player opens the game to a retro-pixelated screen before the main menu is displayed. The option to start a new game is missing, meaning the game can only be "continued." This puts the player immediately...

By 2024, the paper SAT booklet will be a thing of the past as College Board moves into digital tests.

Is the SAT Still Relevant?

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief March 9, 2022

When PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores were released, my classmates and I compared our scores. As they shared their scores, I anxiously waited for mine to load. When I finally shared my...

While asexual people feel little to no sexual attraction, they are still capable of forming meaningful relationships.

Love and Asexuality

Lauren Kelly, Staff Editor February 13, 2022

What does it mean to love someone? To many people, falling in love and getting a romantic relationship is seen as one of life’s ultimate goals. You get married, and that’s what makes you complete....

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