Rock Saved My Life


Despite the fact that many people find rock to be an aggressive genre, it has helped me throughout my life. These are some of the albums that have helped me along the way. (Graphic by Zoe MacDiarmid)

Music has been a big part of my life since I was a baby. My parents always played it around the house, so I grew up listening to many genres. It has always been my escape, whether that be from myself or a challenging situation. The words and harmonies of a song never fail to leave their impact on me.  

My dad is a fan of rock music. He introduced me to bands like The Cure, Pearl Jam, and the Foo Fighters. Rock was a genre I occasionally listened to for years until I realized the effect it had on me. 

Starting in middle school I realized I was struggling with my mental health. It’s a very strange feeling to realize your brain is not “normal.” For many years, I felt like I was alone in a room, wanting badly to leave, but I couldn’t. 

When I looked for ways to make me feel less alone the first thing that I turned to music, all types except for rock. When I was picking the music I was listening to, rock never crossed my mind as a comforting genre. I tried music as therapy for months and nothing was working. At that point, I felt hopeless. Finally, I stopped hiding my feelings and started seeing a therapist.

After months of therapy, I turned to music once again. This time, however, with rock. Although I listened to many artists, there were a few specific bands that always played. These were primarily the same ones that introduced me to rock. There was something about these bands that gave me extra comfort. 

There’s something about the lyrics that hit me more than any other genre. Lyrics such as “The sun is gone but I have a light” from Dumb by Nirvana.

“There’s a time you’ll seek out a disguise when you think people hate you the most and it gets worse before it gets, that’s one thing that I have come to know” from Do Not Wait by Wallows. 

Nowadays, I play the keyboard and drums. And, of course, I listen to music. Even after all this time, my favorite bands still have the same effect. These bands not only are enjoyable to listen to, but they have made me many friends because we can connect through our favorite genres and bands. 

Music is a significant part of my life. Music continues to be my life path; it’s what I want my future to be. I want to be able to give its gift to others.

Through thick and thin, music is my comfort. I can’t imagine life without it. And although I relate to many songs can articulate my feelings better than I could, a lyric I return to often is the opening of Whatever by Oasis: “I’m free to be whatever I whatever I choose, and I’ll sing the blues if I want I’m free to say whatever I whatever I like, if it’s wrong or right, it’s alright.”