Coach Kincaid Leads Wilde Lake Field Hockey to Victory


The 2018 WLHS Varsity Field Hockey Team. Submitted by Lifetouch.

Susie Osborne, Writer

The Wilde Lake field hockey team finishes with a 7-8 record compared to last year’s 2-13 record, thanks to coach Virginia Kincaid.

Before coming to Wilde Lake, Kincaid spent 39 years coaching at Glenelg, and won 22 county championships, 25 region titles, and 6 state crowns overall. Then she was offered a position here at Wilde Lake, and agreed to take on a new challenge.

Esha Ponnuri, a senior who has been playing field hockey for 4 years, said Kincaid’s affect on the team came from her focus on practice that was applicable in-game rather than focusing on conditioning like past coaches.

Once the the team started winning, their motivation went up. “When you’re actually doing better you want to try more,” said Ponnuri.  

Kasey Baird, goalie, recognizes Kincaid’s passion for the sport she coaches. “She put her time and energy into helping us get better, which really paid off,” she said.  

Kincaid modestly credits the team’s improvement to the hard work of the players. “They became a really skillful team this year,” she said. “They’ve been like sponges, picking up everything I gave them.”