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Getting Laughed at… But in a Good Way

Sydney Cox before the show and during as Alf.

Sydney Cox, Arts Editor

January 2, 2019

As the audience floods into the JRT, not every seat is filled, but it's just enough for the cast and crew to tell that this is going to be a good audience. The house lights come down, and the announcements for the show begin. Silence swells in the air until the song starts for the actors to enter. A happ...

Boys Varsity Soccer Team Scores an Impressive Season

Gabriel Viteri-Lopez, a goalie, strategically defends the goal.

Sydney Cox, Arts Editor

December 6, 2018

The boy's varsity soccer showed a massive comeback this year, equaling their wins for the entirety of last season in their first five games this year. They finished with a 10-3-2 season record. The team’s success was a direct result of the adaptability the boys showed on the field. “We have...

A Trip to South Africa Influences Mrs. Chapman’s Classroom

Image submitted by Mrs. Chapman.

Sydney Cox, Arts Editor

December 6, 2018

Returning Wilde Lake, Government teacher, Mrs. Chapman, has always believed that a community is only as strong as the education within it, so when the opportunity arose to help school-aged children in South Africa, she knew she couldn’t turn it away. Mrs. Chapman took a year-long leave of absen...

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