Make An Impact. Take Journalism. Join “The Paw Print.”

A Message From The Advisor of “The Paw Print”

Mr. Townsend has been teaching Journalism and advising “The Paw Print” at Wilde Lake High School since 2010.

Dear Students of Wilde Lake,

Every generation has its defining moment. These are moments when something happens that is of such significance that it alters our way of life as we know it. Defining moments can take many forms: natural disaster, war, protest, a great invention, or in this case, a global pandemic.

For better or worse, these moments change us.

Your parents, your teachers, your politicians, and all of those other grownups in your life have been shaped by these defining moments.

Although you didn’t choose this one, here we are, in the midst of your defining moment. This moment has brought us disunity, chaos, and conflict. If you haven’t figured it out yet, what we need most right now is leaders, people to show us a better way. Those “grownups” in your life? They’ve had their chance. Now, it’s up to you.

Like so many before you, you have the opportunity to define this moment, and because the future now is so uncertain, you have the responsibility to shape the new future into what you imagine it should be. By using words to craft that vision, you can reset the course of our society, not only in a new direction, but in a better one. There are many ways that you can do this, but, if you’re still reading this, then I hope that you’ll consider this path: Take Journalism next semester. Join the staff of “The Paw Print.”

In Journalism, we write the newspaper ( This newspaper reaches thousands of students and families every year. Some of our articles, when they’re well written, are shared widely across the country. A great story, in our digital age, can reach millions.

By producing The Paw Print you’ll significantly improve not only your writing skills, but your ability to think critically and to ask pertinent questions.  As your skills improve you will be assigned to more important articles.  After mastering journalistic writing you may be promoted to editorial positions where you will oversee whole sections of the newspaper.  And because we’ll be working on computers, those who develop skills working on our various programs, written and photographic, may be assigned to oversee those operations, too.

It’s your turn, Wilde Lake! Make an impact. Take Journalism. Join the Paw Print staff.


Mr. Townsend

Personal Testimonies From Students, Alumni, Teachers, and Parents

Rebecca Nason – Class of 2021

Rebecca Nason is currently the Editor-In-Chief of “The Paw Print.” She is also the Editor-In-Chief of Howard County Community College’s newspaper, The HCC Times. 


Amy Batmunkh – Class of 2021

Amy Batmunk is a third year Journalism student and experienced editor for “The Paw Print.”

Aenilah Watkins – Class of 2020

Aenilah Watkins graduated from Wilde Lake in 2020 as a third-year Journalism student. As a Journalism student, Aenilah led “The Paw Print” into the digital age by teaming to create Wilde Lake’s first video news projects. As Editor-in-Chief, Aenilah continually wrote about student concerns. 


Misbah Farooqi – Class of 2017

Mishab Farooqi, currently a student at Columbia University, graduated from Wilde Lake in 2017. Misbah served as Editor-In-Chief for the newspaper in 2016 and 2017. 


Natalie Varela – Class of 2017

Natalie Varela graduated from Wilde Lake in 2017. As a member of “The Paw Print” staff, Natalie was an editor and a photographer. 


Gabby Christopher – Class of 2017

Gabby Christopher graduated from Wilde Lake in 2017. As a member of “The Paw Print” staff, Gabby was a editor. 

David Hobby – Wilde Lake Parent 

Columbia local David Hobby is a professional photographer and author of the photography lighting blog, Mr. Hobby supports Wilde Lake Journalism through mini workshops


Shirin Sinnar – Class of 1994

Shirin Sinnar graduated from Wilde Lake with the class of 1994. Currently, Ms. Sinnar is a professor of Law at Stanford University. 


Bob Kolker – Class of 1987

Best selling author and contributing editor for The New York Times Magazine, Bob Kolker is one of Wilde Lake’s superstars. Mr. Kolker graduated from Wilde Lake in 1987. 


Jerry Berkowitz – Former Wilde Lake Teacher and Paw Print Advisor 

Former English and Journalism teacher for Wilde Lake, Jerry Berkowitz advised “The Paw Print” through some of Wilde Lake’s most defining moments. Now retired, Mr. Berkowitz and his wife, Gale Berkowitz, spend their time making art, traveling and camping, taking photographs, and generally spreading the message of gratefulness to all who will hear.