Wilde Lake Implements New After School Academic Support Program

Faith Joseph, 2016-2017 Writer

Replacing Wilde Lake’s previous program, Bridges, Beyond School Hours is a program designed to provide students with academic support in various content areas, from math to social studies.  Site coordinator Mrs. Buteau helps further the mission of Beyond School Hours, which is to offer all students additional academic support in each individual program to provide students with an opportunity to become college and career ready for developing their academic potential.

The program began on November 2 and ended on January 19.  The program resumed this Wednesday February 8, 2017 and will only run on Wednesdays after school.

The areas of support the program helps with is English, math, social studies, science and credit recovery class components. Bus transportation and other forms of transportation are available for all students participating in the program.

Many other Wilde Lake after school academic programs have abruptly stopped in the middle of the year but Mrs. Buteau and Wilde Lake teachers think Beyond School Hours will be different.

“I would not say that last year’s after school Bridges program wasn’t successful, [but] the Beyond School Hours program is perhaps more beneficial to our students since it offers more one-on-one academic support from teachers that specialize in those content areas,” said Mrs. Buteau.

“So far I think the program is a success. Each day that I have worked, there have been between 6-13 students working in my classroom,” said Ms. Startt.

Wilde Lake teachers really believe the program provides great benefits for the students and, for Ms. Startt the program lets her meet with students she otherwise wouldn’t have contact with.

“I like having the time to support individual students and build relationships with students I don’t teach,” said Ms. Startt.                      

Mrs. Buteau feels that the students are responding positively to the program and appreciate the extra support from the teachers. There are currently fifty students that are currently participating and enrolled in the program.

“I decided to participate in the program to get help with homework and test review because the teachers give give me a better understanding,” said sophomore Kathy Martinez. “I feel like the program is very useful resource at Wilde Lake because my grades have greatly improved since participating in the Beyond School Hours program.”

“I needed help and assistance and this [is] a good way to [get] help. [Since joining] the program, my grades have improved.” said junior Kylie McDermott. “The program is a very useful resource at Wilde Lake.”                                             

Enrollment of the program is ongoing throughout the school year and students do not have to attend the program every day or every week it is held.  If students would like to participate in the program they must first complete a transportation form and participation permission form that can be picked up from the front office. If students have any questions about they may contact Ms. Buteau.