Wildecat Time Changes Implemented

Wildecat time was implemented last year when the administrators and students decided they wanted some sort of free time where students and teachers could meet for extra help, club meetings or just a short break from class.

Many students like sophomore, Imasha Kuruppuarachchi, used Wildecat time last year as a time where she could, “hang out with my friends and have a fun break from class.  I really liked listening to the band… it was like a recess.”

Although this seemed to work and benefited many students who needed some extra time, several problems arose with it.

One of the main issues with Wildecat time last year was that, “there wasn’t clear accountability with the location of students.”, said Ms. Foyles.

This year, some members of SGA and staff members worked together to try to solve problems with the old version which has resulted in a new, revised Wildecat time.

Changes that went into effect were that it is now every week on a Thursday.  The first one was after 1st period for 30 minutes and then the next week was after 2nd period then 3rd period and so on.

In order to leave your classroom, you must get a slip signed by the teacher that you’re meeting and if you don’t, you have to stay in that classroom for 30 minutes.  Teachers are allowed to continue teaching or finish their lesson if they wanted to.

Like most students, sophomore, Kate Jascewsky, says, “I am really disappointed that Wildecat time won’t be available to everyone anymore.”  Junior, Shaylin Rawlings, adds on, “I’m going to miss the stress-free break from class we had. Having to get the passes signed seems like kind of a hassle and  I’ve noticed that not all staff members even ask you for your pass.”

Though it all may seem like an inconvenience, Ms. Foyles says that, “It holds accountability with the location of the students.”

Like Mrs. Foyles, Mr. Cox, a math instructor, mentions,  “Last year’s design was very chaotic and the new version will be more formal and provide more order.  Everyone will have a designated place.”