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Howard County No Longer Allows Teachers to Award Extra Credit to Students

Devin Garcia, Writer | December 6, 2019

This year, Howard County has introduced a new policy which no longer allows teachers to award extra credit to students. In the past, many teachers would offer extra credit opportunities to students with borderline grades, providing them with the small boost necessary to raise their letter grade.  The new change has generated mixed reactions from both staff members and students here at the Lake....

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Howard County School System No Longer Releases Interims To Students

Devin Garcia, Writer | November 25, 2019

This year, Howard County has removed interims, meaning students will no longer be given a paper copy of their grades halfway through each quarter to bring home to their families.   Interims initial purpose was to provide a measurement of a student’s progress midway through the quarter, and give feedback to parents and families. However, as parents have become more accustomed to using Canvas,...

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Hui Time Gives Students a Cafeteria Alternative

Nadyne Segbe, Writer | November 13, 2019

Remember recess? It’s back. Not everyone wants to spend their lunch period in the cafeteria. That’s why administration is implementing Hui Time, an alternative to a cafeteria lunch, where students can spend their lunch period in the gym, instead, playing basketball, or just hanging out.  Mr. Penn, Mr. Rose, Mr. Wingfield, and Mr. McMillan first came up with the idea over the summer, to help...

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Lateness Policy Creates Long Lines and Delays Instruction For Late Students

Aenilah Watkins, Web Editor in Chief | November 11, 2019

At 7:25am across Howard County, students are expected to be in school on time. However, this isn’t always the case for Wilde Lake seniors Selam Abebe, Bryan Shin, and Trea Jenkins. The trio often misses the 7:10-7:25am timeframe, after which time students stand in line and await an official tardy pass.  Although differing circumstances land these students in the line, they all end up missing...

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SMOB Organizes Forum to Destigmatize Mental Health

Sarah Rubin, Print Co-Editor in Chief | June 18, 2019

When she was in seventh grade, Trisha Reddy was told that in the United States, the biggest cause of death for teens was suicide. “This is what truly inspired me to help with the discussion,” she said, “because people around me were suffering in silence, unknowing of the variety of ways that they can receive help in our community.” May 16, 2019 marked the date of the first ever Student Member...

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