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The Student News Site of Wilde Lake High School

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COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, FEBRUARY 23, 2024 -- Junior Autumn Wilkerson receives her late pass after scanning her Synergy QR code. According to administration, having students sign in with their QR codes provides more accurate data on student attendance.

Decline in Student Attendance Challenges Administration

Amy Manzanares and Bella Horvath April 9, 2024

After the Covid-19 pandemic, administration has implemented new policies in response to a decline in student attendance. According to the Maryland State Department of Education, 37% of Wilde Lake students...

FEBRUARY 6, 2024 -- HCASC president Allie Liu (left), Hemant Kantheti (left), and Cristian Allen (right) discuss the budget plan.

Budget Slash Leads to Overcrowded Classrooms

Next school year, core class sizes at the middle and high school levels will increase across the county. This is just one major impact of the Board of Education’s recent decision to cut staffing and...

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, MARCH 18, 2024- Abisola Ayoola and Hannah Boyer discuss Abisolas research project for the AP African American Studies exam. Abisolas project is on the evolution of fashion across the diaspora.

Recruitment for African American Literature Class Falls Short

This year, English teacher Mr. Alan Nettles was determined to recruit enough students to run the first African American Literature class at Wilde Lake. However, at the time of publishing “The Paw...

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, February 29, 2024 -- Ms. Leonard and Angel Castro take a picture as he walks across the Merriweather stage.

Ms. Leonard Takes Group of Seniors on Goal Setting Field Trip

William Brown and Amy Manzanares April 9, 2024

Forty-four Wilde Lake seniors were taken to Merriweather Post Pavilion for a goal setting field trip and a paid lunch, hosted by Principal Ms. Marcy Leonard on February 28th. The students were invited...

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, APRIL 4, 2024 -- ARL students Liam Hoagland and Jathan Nguyen walk in through the front entrance after returning from their ARL classes. Per the new policy, students are only allowed to use this entrance.

Administration Limits Entrances to One

Blaiz Blackston and Amy Manzanares April 9, 2024

Principal Ms. Marcy Leonard made an announcement reinforcing a past safety policy that students are to enter and exit through the main doors only on January 2nd. Administration has reinforced this policy...

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, FEBRUARY 22, 2024 -- Sophomore Jathan Nguyen writes a list while contemplating whether or not he should take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). As more colleges revert their SAT requirement policies, students grow more unsure about whether or not the test determines their futures.

As Colleges Remain Test Optional, Students Debate Over Impact of the SAT

Arielle Levine and Bella Horvath April 9, 2024

When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and students were forced to put their pencils down, now hundreds of colleges and universities no longer required standardized test scores. Now, four years later, the...

When asked to write a paragraph on allusions in a popular classroom text, Fahrenheit 451, ChatGPT wrote a paragraph in under a minute.

Artificial Intelligence is Cheating for Some, but for Others, a Tool

Lee Lewis and Amy Manzanares December 21, 2023

With an English essay due the next day, freshman G.L. decided to use Chat GPT to write his essay for him. Although he recognized Chat GPT as being “unethical,”he justified its use as a “last resort.” According...

Freshman Jamar Addison sits in Mr. Bells classroom on his phone during instructional time. Teachers say that it is hard to balance teaching and phone management in the classroom.

Phone Addictions Consume Students, Poll Shows

Arielle Levine, Editor in Chief December 21, 2023

According to a survey posted to “The Paw Print” Instagram, 2/3 Wilde Lake students surveyed said they feel addicted to their phones. This reflects a national trend, with 58% of teens from the ages...

Color guard captains Katie Yarrish, Kaleo Krapfl, and Maggie Alt twirl their flags on the football field. The three worked to revive the program.

Color Guard Team Leaps Into Success with New Members

Bella Horvath, Staff Editor December 20, 2023

Last year, Wilde Lake’s Color Guard program was left with only four returning members, outdated flags, old costumes, no funding, and little hope for their future. Now, the team is “thriving,” according...

“It breaks my heart,” says Ms. Leonard, Administration Disappointed by Student Raids and Fights at Village Center

“It breaks my heart,” says Ms. Leonard, Administration Disappointed by Student Raids and Fights at Village Center

Faith Brown, Staff Writer December 19, 2023

One month into school, Ms. Leonard addressed the student body in a tone of disappointment after students raided stores and held fights on local business property, as shown in Instagram posts. Multiple...

Gay Straight Alliance members and juniors Tommy Heffner and Sabrina Yastuake walk through Main Street with the progress flag on their backs. Through Wilde Lake’s inclusive environment, they bond over their shared identity. This community earned Wilde Lake the Rainbow Ribbon.

Ms. Bailey Leads School in Earning Rainbow Ribbon Award

Amy Manzanares, Editor December 19, 2023

Media specialist Ms. Annora Bailey grew up in a world full of bias. She hid throughout her childhood. Now, she wonders how different her life would be if she had been given the opportunities and support...

Wilde Lake scored 4/5 stars on the 2023 Maryland State Department of Education report card. The report card makes their evaluations based on test scores, graduation rates, “readiness” for graduation, progress towards English language proficiency, curriculum, and a survey.

Wilde Lake Loses One Star on Report Card, Reflecting a Statewide Trend

Arielle Levine and Amy Manzanares June 2, 2023

On the annual Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) report card, Wilde Lake lost one star this year, lowering their score from 4/5 stars to 3/5 stars. This fall is reflective of statewide trends,...

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