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The Student News Site of Wilde Lake High School

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The Student News Site of Wilde Lake High School

The Paw Print


On Saturday at 8:30 AM, thirty minutes before customers can come, Ms. Kirk (left) and a volunteer, Mr. Jacques Moutome (right), plan how they will organize the tables.

Columbia Community Care Grows to Meet Community Needs

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief December 7, 2022

On March 11, 2020, Wilde Lake High School Spanish teacher Erika Chavarria posted a tweet: “If they close HCPSS I volunteer to run meals to students and families who are in need, or help in locations...

Mr. Bell helping junior Alaijah Reed-Wright with schoolwork.

Providing Support and Safety in School Remains Priority

Joseph Ortiz-Rivera and Greta Giuliano November 15, 2022

When a student is having a bad day or struggling in school, who supports them? While there are many supports available at Wilde Lake like Beyond School Hours and Advisory, behind all of those are the...

Sun Shines on Wilde Lake for Pep Rally

Sun Shines on Wilde Lake for Pep Rally

Arielle Levine, Zoe MacDiarmid, and Matthew Cho October 7, 2022

  After a week of rain, the sun came out for Wilde Lake’s Homecoming pep rally.  Students gathered on the bleachers to celebrate their school spirit. This year was the first year since...

Ms. Adler with students at a medieval feast event fundraiser in Baltimore where she was the Lady of the Feast. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Adler)

Ms. Adler Retires After 32 Years of Theater Excellence

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief June 17, 2022

Ever since Ms. Adler was a young girl, she was in the spotlight.   Since elementary school, her mom had her acting in community shows. By high school, she was doing shows all year. She majored in...

50 Years Later, the Current Staff Reflect

50 Years Later, the Current Staff Reflect

Cameron Franks, Staff Writer June 16, 2022

In 1971, Wilde Lake High School was born under the forward-thinking vision of Jim Rouse’s Columbia. Now, half a century later, staff members with roots at Wilde Lake and Columbia reflect.     Jim...

The wildecat statue, built out of paper-mache by then-senior Kurt
Muller in 1998, sits outside of the media center.

The Spirit of Wilde Lake in a Statue

Lee Lewis and Arielle Levine June 15, 2022

At the heart of the school, a ferocious wildecat is ready to pounce, bearing its teeth, waiting for students to pass it as they walk by the media center. Now, students are greeted by the cat as they walk...

Sophomore Joey Facchiano (center) says one of the best places to work are the Columbia Association Pools. (Photo courtesy of Joey Facchiano)

Students’ Insight on the Best Jobs in Columbia

Charlotte Fetters, Staff Writer June 10, 2022

As teenagers near the age where they need to be at least somewhat financially independent, many start working in high school. But some are at a loss for where to work for their first job. We asked three...

Laura Lippman (center) and her “It’s Academic” team. Laura was the captain of her team.

Old Wilde Lake as Remembered by Novelist Laura Lippman

Arielle Levine and Zoe MacDiarmid June 10, 2022

Award-winning novelist Laura Lippman says that being a writer might be the closest thing she has to a destiny.  Ms. Lippman’s destiny as a writer has led her to 27 published novels and three short...

2022 Senior Spotlights

2022 Senior Spotlights

Lauren Kelly, N'Dea Walters, and Zoe MacDiarmid May 27, 2022

In August 2018, the Class of 2022 came to Wilde Lake as freshmen. Though many were unsure about what careers they wanted to pursue when they graduated, a few already had something in mind. “The Paw...

Priyal Dhringra (right) and Maria Romano-Sweitzer (left) in the Wilde Lake cafeteria on the night of the 2022 Spanish Honor Society Induction. Priyal is the Vice President of membership for the Spanish Honor Society.

Priyal Dhingra

Lauren Kelly, N'Dea Walters, and Zoe MacDiarmid May 27, 2022

Priyal Dhingra has “always wanted to be a doctor.”  “That was always the thing,” she said. “I never changed it. I always stuck to that.”  Recently, her focus has been on orthopedic...

Valerie Brady photographed before the fall 2021 homecoming. She has written four novels over the course of six years.

Valerie Brady

Lauren Kelly, N'Dea Walters, and Zoe MacDiarmid May 27, 2022

Valerie Brady has always had a passion for writing. At 18 years old, she has written four novels, the longest one being 81,000 words.  This passion for writing even allowed her to write a full novel...

Beruktawit Gebreamlak at Wilde Lakes 2022 culture day representing Ethiopia. She moved to Maryland from Ethiopia at age eight.

Beruktawit Gebreamlak

Lauren Kelly, N'Dea Walters, and Zoe MacDiarmid May 27, 2022

In the first grade, Beruktawit Gebreamlak discovered her dream career in an event she describes as a “funny accident.” In her class, there was a boy with whom she was “rivals,” with that drove...

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