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SGA Students Exercise Their Right to Voice Student Concerns

Amy Batmunkh, Writer | February 26, 2020

The power of the student voice is immeasurable. From little everyday things like being heard on the morning announcements to nationwide protests and walkouts, students who use their voices are listened to. In 2018, students organized a school walkout after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to protest gun violence. They left school for 17 minutes, a minute for each life lost. Approximately...

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Netflix’s “Sex Education” is More Than Just Entertainment

Amaiya Sancho, Writer | February 26, 2020

In January of 2019, Netlix released an original show called “Sex Education,” which follows Otis, a teenage boy, whose mother is a sex therapist. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Otis helps students at his school, answering questions regarding all types of issues, ranging from the students’ comfortability with their sexuality, to sexual health issues that they are facing and know little...

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As Senioritis Kicks In, Seniors Reflect On Life Lessons Learned in High School

Aenilah Watkins, Web Editor in Chief | February 24, 2020

With three more months to go, the senior Class of 2020 can't wait until they walk across the Merriweather stage in their caps and gowns. In the meantime, struck by senioritis, many are taking the opportunity to reflect on the impact of high school.  Senioritis is believed to be a stigma placed on a senior class that highlights their lack of motivation and drive to perform to their highest level....

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JumpStart Offers High School Alternative to Combat Soaring College Cost

Rebecca Nason, Print Co-Editor in Chief | February 24, 2020

Bryan Cheung, a junior at Centennial High School, will be the first person in his family to earn a college degree and will graduate in 2021 with both his high school diploma and his AA in engineering because of the JumpStart program. He chose to participate in the program because college gave him more freedom and course rigor than what was available at his high school. “I’m able to experience college...

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Male Mental Health Suffers From Standards of Masculinity

Sydney Lowry, Writer | February 24, 2020

Once, a friend told me that he was tired of life. He has since been through therapy and medication, and has improved immensely, but it took a lot of support to get there. However, one of the most striking things I remember him saying was that he did not want to feel weak by asking for help. Societal standards for men often dictate that they should not express emotion or ask for help from others....

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