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Seniors Fall to Juniors in Their Last Homecoming Week

In a tight race, the junior and senior class tied in the 2023 pep rally, leaving the underclassmen in the dust. According to SGA secretary Martaiz Johnson, a “competitive” energy filled the stadium as fall sports and clubs stormed, the band blared, cheerleaders jumped, and dancers leapt across the field. 

Mummy Game 

In the mummy game, each class wrapped two of their classmates with toilet paper.

With a surprising win, the freshmen class came in first. Their two classmates were most successful in wrapping their mummies. Freshmen were followed by the seniors, with the sophomores in third, and the juniors placing last. 

Freshman Anna Terry did not expect to win. “I thought we were going to get fourth place but I’m very proud,” she said. 

Freshman Hasiana Muhammad says the freshmen class’s first win was “motivating.” The mummy game brought a fierce start to the pep rally. 

Relay Race 

This year, SGA designed a relay race to reflect the fall sports. “We really wanted to represent all of our fall sports and make sure they get their recognition,” said Martaiz. 

The seniors pulled a victory, with the sophomores clutching a close second. The juniors followed the sophomores, and the freshman placed fourth. 

Senior Emmanuel Dean dominated the field hockey portion of the race with senior Jayden Edmonds. 

“It was great. I’m sweaty. I just feel victorious,” Emmanuel said. Emmanuel hoped the seniors would win overall, saying the class of 2024 was in need of a “big redemption” from last year. 

Tug of War 

The annual tug of war game brought the most cheers. 15 students from each class played to pull a win. The juniors defeated the seniors, snagging first place during the game. The sophomores placed third and the freshmen followed. 

Juniors Jeffrey Bonilla and Kahlil Johnson-Caceres describe the tug of war as a “struggle” at first, but they were able to “tire the seniors out.” 

“We earned this,” Jeffrey said. 

Junior class president James Shidle says the juniors never gave up, “I really think the spirit was there,” he said. 

By the end of the pep rally, students were pumped and ready for homecoming weekend. Students like junior Antonio Hardy say the energy at the pep rally was “really high” while all the classes cheered on their students. 

“I could definitely feel the crowd,” he said. “People were very energized and very excited to be there.”

Antonio says the school spirit has increased because of the junior-senior rivalry this year.  

“[Students] were really into this homecoming, and I think that came from the upperclassmen this year,” he said. “This homecoming season has been a really big development in school spirit for Wilde Lake.” 

Despite seniors winning the pep rally, the juniors were able to snag the win overall after placing first in the homecoming parade.

“We have a lot of class participation, so I think a lot of us put in the work to win,” said junior Lilian Droney. “We earned it. I think it is very rewarding that we won.”

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