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12th grade short story winner, Sydney Cox brainstorming while writing her literary piece.

Howard County Names Three Wilde Cats Young Authors Contest Champions

Amaiya Sancho , Sports Editor, Arts Editor April 1, 2021

“The scent grew stronger and the silhouette grew clearer as she walked further and further into the tranquil depths. The pull from the water and the force on her back gave her every reason to fall into...

A group of students walking away from the school after dismissal at 2:30. Principal Leonard (on the left) says goodbye to the departing students while simultaneously coordinating bus drivers and staff.

Teachers Union Against Return to Hybrid, Students Divided

Zoe MacDiarmid, News Editor March 31, 2021

The return to school has been met with mixed opinions from students and teachers. While the local teacher’s union (HCEA) disagreed with the opening of schools, students were divided on whether to return. In...

Maddy Feldwick sits at her kitchen table for school, feeling stressed during a google meet. Penny, her cat, helps her get through her classes.

Teachers and Students Feel Burnout After a Year of Virtual School

Maddy Feldwick, Writer March 31, 2021

Drained, burnt out, and exhausted. This is what many students and teachers feel after a year of virtual learning. After a long winter of being stuck inside and not seeing friends, waking up early...

Lily Garrah is passionate about dancing and now has more time to dedicate to her art.

With One Foot Out The Door, Virtual Seniors Step Toward Independence

Amy Batmunkh , Opinions Editor, Features Editor March 31, 2021

Senior Jet Stevenson wakes up feeling well rested, and logs into her first period class. After practicing the viola and completing her asynchronous assignments, she ends her school day with a book...

This is a picture I took right before going on a walk today. I kept my phone in my pocket after taking this for over an hour, and I have to admit that at times I felt this knee-jerk type of reaction of craving to check if I had any messages. This is what I mean - this is the feeling to overcome.

Just A Thought: On Living in the Moment

Sarah Rubin, Managing Editor March 26, 2021

I want you to imagine two things. The first, walking with a friend. Smiling so hard your face hurts, feeling the cool breeze in the summer air, hearing the birds sing in the air above. Completely focused...

These are just a few of the sticky notes I’ve created for myself over the past year with affirmations to keep me going.

Just A Thought: On Positivity

Sarah Rubin, Managing Editor March 19, 2021

When is the last time someone told you they were proud of you? It doesn’t matter what it was about, just that they said they were proud. A teacher, a friend, a parent, a mentor. While we navigate through...

Sophomore Cortez Thompson begins hybrid instruction at Wilde Lake after almost a year of virtual learning at home.

First Wave of Students Returns to Wilde Lake

Maddy Feldwick, Writer March 2, 2021

On March 1 of 2021, almost one year after schools were closed to in-person instruction, Howard County adopted a hybrid learning model and opened its doors to the first of four waves of students, but with...

Highlight mental health every year, make mental health days excused absences, and offer parent seminars on mental health. It is that easy.

Student Mental Health Accommodations: We Need More

Arielle Levine March 2, 2021

It should come as no surprise to the Howard County Public School System that many teenagers are struggling with their mental health. From the ongoing pandemic to virtual learning to the constantly evolving...

Sarah Rubin and her brother, Daniel, do homework outside together.

Remembering Things As They Were: Why I Decided to Stay Virtual

Sarah Rubin, Managing Editor March 2, 2021

I think there has been a global recognition over the past year that there are a lot of things in life that we take for granted. More specifically, I have found that the longer the pandemic continues, the...

An empty desk in a classroom at Wilde Lake.

A Return to Normalcy: Why I’m Going Hybrid

Amaiya Sancho, Sports Editor, Arts Editor March 2, 2021

The senior walk-in, senior night for sports, and senior breakfast are just a few of the events that many 12th graders have been anticipating since their freshman year. Little did I know back in 2017, when...

Wilde Lake’s ASU spread the word of their Lunar New Year celebration via Instagram at the end of February.

In Virtual School, Asian Student Union Emerges as a New Voice

Amy Batmunkh , Opinions Editor, Features Editor March 2, 2021

The Asian Student Union, founded this year by Danielle Sumaryo and Sajana Vigna-McLaughlin, advocates for the 8 percent of Wilde Lake students who identify as Asian, but it also provides a much needed...

What I'll Remember From My COVID Year

What I’ll Remember From My COVID Year

Samihah Keita March 1, 2021

There was no way of knowing at the end of 2019 what the oncoming train of 2020 would bring. Accompanying the state of the year was a series of rolling disasters: the California and Australian fires, the...

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