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The Student News Site of Wilde Lake High School

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The Student News Site of Wilde Lake High School

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Ezra playing Sims on a Sunday afternoon. He says the reason he plays varies from checking on [his] households or as a form of escapism.

COVID Has Caused a “Rollercoaster” of Mental Health

Zoe MacDiarmid and Arielle Levine June 17, 2022

Before March 13, 2020, then-freshman Ezra Lynch described their life as normal.  Ezra had just finished his second show for Wilde Lake’s theater department. They had a good group of friends. And...

Ms. Adler with students at a medieval feast event fundraiser in Baltimore where she was the Lady of the Feast. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Adler)

Ms. Adler Retires After 32 Years of Theater Excellence

Zoe MacDiarmid, Editor-in-Chief June 17, 2022

Ever since Ms. Adler was a young girl, she was in the spotlight.   Since elementary school, her mom had her acting in community shows. By high school, she was doing shows all year. She majored in...

50 Years Later, the Current Staff Reflect

50 Years Later, the Current Staff Reflect

Cameron Franks, Staff Writer June 16, 2022

In 1971, Wilde Lake High School was born under the forward-thinking vision of Jim Rouse’s Columbia. Now, half a century later, staff members with roots at Wilde Lake and Columbia reflect.     Jim...

The wildecat statue, built out of paper-mache by then-senior Kurt
Muller in 1998, sits outside of the media center.

The Spirit of Wilde Lake in a Statue

Lee Lewis and Arielle Levine June 15, 2022

At the heart of the school, a ferocious wildecat is ready to pounce, bearing its teeth, waiting for students to pass it as they walk by the media center. Now, students are greeted by the cat as they walk...

We Are Not the Lost Generation

We Are Not the Lost Generation

Alayna Rover and Hannah Boyer June 14, 2022

Those of us born in Generation Z — 1997-2012* — have faced a lifetime’s worth of problems in the few years we have been around. Despite facing many setbacks, we always find a way to persevere.  Our...

Students playing cards in Ms. Sweitzer’s advisory

Creating a Better Wilde Lake is Up To Us

Greta Giuliano, Staff Editor June 14, 2022

Every day, I see kids breaking the rules. Whether it’s skipping class, leaving campus for lunch, or any of the other rules for our safety and education, people are breaking them every day.  We...

A penny next to a lethal dose of fentanyl.

Marijuana Users May Unknowingly Be Taking Lethal Fentanyl Doses

Lauren Kelly and Zoe MacDiarmid June 14, 2022

If you thought that marijuana was harmless, think again. According to the CDC, marijuana is not only more potent that it ever was, but it is increasingly being found laced with the deadly opioid, fentanyl.  According...

Enterprise plans on replacing the demolished housing next to
Wilde Lake High School with modern apartments.

Demolished Housing To Be Rebuilt

Marran Frigo and Zoe MacDiarmid June 10, 2022

One day, students walking to school noticed a change nearby. First, a chain link fence. Then, construction equipment. Finally, it all added up when the Section 8 housing in Roslyn Rise was demolished.  Roslyn...

Spiderman, Riverdale, 10 Things I Hate About You, Euphoria, and 13 Reasons Why (clockwise from top left) are just some examples of teen media. The characters depicted in these shows and movies are vastly different, due in part to the various ways producers choose to portray teenagers. (Graphic by Yasmin Roach)

Media is Harming Teens

Yasmin Roach, Staff Writer June 10, 2022

A teenage girl walks into a dark room. She grabs a red solo cup filled with beer and joins dancers in the center of the room. The others at the party are drinking beer, too, some probably taking drugs. This...

Sophomore Joey Facchiano (center) says one of the best places to work are the Columbia Association Pools. (Photo courtesy of Joey Facchiano)

Students’ Insight on the Best Jobs in Columbia

Charlotte Fetters, Staff Writer June 10, 2022

As teenagers near the age where they need to be at least somewhat financially independent, many start working in high school. But some are at a loss for where to work for their first job. We asked three...

Laura Lippman (center) and her “It’s Academic” team. Laura was the captain of her team.

Old Wilde Lake as Remembered by Novelist Laura Lippman

Arielle Levine and Zoe MacDiarmid June 10, 2022

Award-winning novelist Laura Lippman says that being a writer might be the closest thing she has to a destiny.  Ms. Lippman’s destiny as a writer has led her to 27 published novels and three short...

	The team celebrates the 7-5 win against Reservoir. (Photo credit Lauren Jascewsky)

Wilde Lake Varsity Softball Clinches Historical Regional Championship Victory

Greta Giuliano, Lee Lewis, and Blaiz Blackston June 10, 2022

After scoring three runs in the first inning and holding their ground against the undefeated Reservoir High School, Wilde Lake Varsity Softball secured a 7-5 win, crowning them as regional champions. According...

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