Anime Club Members Embrace New Culture


In the Anime Club, members have the chance to explore different cultures

Christian Richardson, Writer 2015-2017

After the intense battle of the popular horror computer game, “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” which lasted multiple hours, Wilde Lake’s Anime Club concluded the tournament with no winner.

But it’s not about winning for members of this unique club.

The Anime Club, which has been a staple club at Wilde Lake for several years, held the tournament in order to boost its membership, but also as a way to bring people together for a common interest.

That’s why, for Senior President Devon Johnson, winning didn’t matter. “It [Anime Club] expresses who I am, and embraces the culture that I like.”

Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at all ages. Many people have made attractions to advertise the popular sensation. It’s been distributed through multi-platform media, video games and graphic novels.

In Anime Club, members typically watch Anime shows, like Dragon Ball Z and Sword Art Online. But sometimes they do more. Dress up days (Cosplay days) and gaming tournaments are an important part of the Anime experience. In Anime Club what holds the group together is their love for the art.

“Anything can happen in Anime,” says Devon. That’s what he likes about it. Anime excites and takes down the expectations for many people by breaking many laws of both physics and nature.

Vice President Logan Ward says that the
Anime Club “gives a chance to people who like Anime to feel welcome and accepted for who they are and what they like.” For Logan, the Anime Club is a place where fans of Japanese cartoons come and hang out with other fans.

“People feel accepted for who they are,” says club member Jason Kieffer, “but what keeps them coming back is being around others who share the same liking as them.”

“It’s the only type of cartoon I like,” says Logan.
Devon and Logan have ambitious plans for the club’s future. They hope to take the club to the Otaku festival held at Centennial in April. They also want to host Cosplay days, which is a way fans show their appreciation towards Anime by dressing up as the characters, and more tournaments.