Howard County No Longer Allows Teachers to Award Extra Credit to Students


This year, Howard County has introduced a new policy which no longer allows teachers to award extra credit to students. In the past, many teachers would offer extra credit opportunities to students with borderline grades, providing them with the small boost necessary to raise their letter grade. 

The new change has generated mixed reactions from both staff members and students here at the Lake. Most students agree that extra credit was a positive thing and helped them achieve the quarter grade they needed. For example, Freshman Peter Keating says “I believe teachers should continue to be allowed to give extra credit because of the boost it gives kids who have done nothing but work hard.”

Ms. Kostelec, an English teacher at Wilde Lake agrees. “Extra credit can be a beneficial academic opportunity because it encourages students to exemplify their skills,” she says. 

However, Senior Khiera Tuck believes the removal of extra credit will foster more growth and great habits in students who do not always hold themselves accountable for their grades. “I’ve seen a lot of students rely on extra credit to help their grades at the last minute. It creates bad habits. So without the alternative, students will learn to work harder and more consistently for the grades they want,” says Tuck.