Haircuts: Before, an Ordinary, Simple Task. Now, an Exciting Adventure.


Photo taken by Devin Garcia.

This is a photo of my dad’s barber clippers and we are using them to cut my hair during this pandemic because I usually go to a barber shop.

Do you miss your barber? That feeling you get after receiving a fresh fade or a lineup? I know I do – so much more than I thought I would. Unfortunately, due to health and safety risks it presents, barbershops and hair salons have closed until conditions improve. Those who get their hair cut or trimmed on a regular basis have had to deal with these closures, and their untamed hair, by taking matters into their own hands. 

As I scroll through Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok, I see an endless stream of videos with people attempting to cut their own hair, either by shaving their heads completely or just trying to shape it up. While the failures can be entertaining, some do a surprisingly good job. 

 Even though the risk of ruining your hair can be high, cutting it yourself can be helpful, because there is always room for growth – literally. If you make a mistake, your hair will grow back, and because of social distancing, very few will see it until then. These mistakes can also prevent you from making future ones, and could even teach you a thing or two about cutting hair. Ultimately, the success of the haircut depends solely on the cutter, and with the advice from professional haircutters on Youtube and other video sharing platforms, it’s easier than ever for viewers to find more efficient ways to self-groom. 

Additionally, one of the most important factors to consider that can contribute to a successful haircut is the tool that you use. Those who want to cut their hair may not have the right materials at home, or even realize what those items are. For a proper haircut, you should use clippers, shears, and trimmers. These tools also must be sanitized properly, or else they could cause pain and a patchy head.  

Self care, at this time more than ever, should be most everyone’s focus. Whether it’s cutting your own hair, someone else’s, or simply taking the time to focus on your mental and physical welfare, feeling happy and healthy in times where our lives are being put on pause is one of the most important things a person can do.