Ms. Linton’s Class Sets Into Motion

Ms. LintonA rowdy class begins to settle in after the bell rings. On the board, a warm-up reads, “which will hit the ground first: a basketball or a ping- pong ball?” The class is divided: Some say basketball and some say ping-pong ball. The new physics teacher drops both objects and they hit the ground at the same time.

Senior Danny Johnson is one student who gravitated to Ms. Linton’s Physics class this year. “It’s an exciting class, She’s really passionate about Physics,” said Johnson. “She brings a lot of en- thusiasm to the class.

Senior Devon Jones-Robinson said he feels privileged to be a part of Ms. Linton’s first year here at Wilde Lake. “She brings a lot of joy to learning,” said Jones-Robinson.

Senior Daniel Volinski is usually ex- hausted by 5th period, but is in better spirits when he walks into Physics class. “We’re always doing something interesting,” said Volinski. “There hasn’t been a period where I’ve lost interest.”

Ms. Linton had always been interested in Science. At thirteen, she took a class at the NASA Langley Research Center and she remembers being inspired after observing stars through telescopes.

“It’s the students that make me relatable,” said Ms. Linton