Ms. Broyles Transitions After 11 Years in Elementary Schools


After teaching physical education in elementary schools for 11 years, Ms. Broyles is making the transition to teaching at Wilde Lake.

Before coming to Wilde Lake, Ms. Broyles earned her degrees in Physical Education and Administration and Supervision at Towson and Notre Dame and taught in Harford County and at Bryant Woods Elementary school.

She was inspired to become teacher by her high school health teacher and lacrosse coach, who taught her the importance of developing relationships, which is something that Ms. Broyles tries to apply to her teaching style.

“She [high school health teacher] had that motivating attitude that even if we failed she still motivated us to want to be better. She also felt that having relationships with students, as far as knowing their backgrounds and interests, was important. She was definitely a driving force for me,” said Ms. Broyles.

Ms. Broyles decided to become a physical education teacher when her mother encouraged her to follow her passion for being active.

The transition to high school has been a major one, as the curriculum has a completely different focus, because rather than skills based as in elementary schools, it is more competitive and cognition based.

However, she has adjusted well to Wilde Lake and is enjoying her time here. Not only is she teaching physical education and health, but she is also the JV girls soccer coach, which is an experience that she has cherished.

“It seems like everyone enjoys being at Wilde Lake. The students are so unique and diverse and I’ve loved getting to know everyone and build relationships with them,” said Ms. Broyles.