After A Semester of Online Learning, Students Still Struggling

Many students have set up workspaces in their homes to help them stay focused during class. (Rebecca Nason)

The COVID-19 crisis introduced a paradigm shift in schooling. Freshmen have never set foot in their school, graduated seniors never truly said goodbye, teachers are learning to adapt their strategies, and students are struggling to keep up.

Traditionally, teachers are able to see when their students are struggling in the classroom. Now, students can keep their cameras off and lay low, and teachers can’t tell when their students need help. Students need support more than ever, but online learning has largely obstructed their ability to get the support they need.

College student China Brown has had her fair share of struggles during online learning.“I am mentally frustrated and overwhelmed with virtual learning.” Brown said. Virtual learning made me realize how lucky I was to receive so much support before going online.”

Brown explains that it has been harder for her to stay on the right track during virtual learning. Motivation has not come easy and being home has worsened her struggles with procrastination. “Online school has been very difficult for me because of the type of learner that I am,” Brown said. “In online courses, it’s hard to be encouraged to get work done.”

Despite the challenges of online learning, Brown is determined to succeed. One way she is working towards success is by asking for help.“Making sure I get help is important because I want to be on the right track,” she said.

Students now complete their work alone online the majority of the time. (Rebecca Nason)

Ryan Tansmore, a sophomore at Wilde Lake High School, has also struggled during the pandemic. “I feel like everything is about assignments and when it’s due,” he said. “Sometimes it’s hard to keep up.” 

This mentality is impacting more than just Tansmore’s grades. He finds that online school has been negatively impacting his mental health. “Everything is fast-paced when it comes to learning, I feel like I don’t even learn anymore,” Tansmore said. “For me, it’s mainly about learning how to do the assignments virtually rather than fully understanding the material.”  

Though Brown and Tansmore have been frustrated by online classes, they are trying to stay positive. “Despite everything that has taken place, this will all get better in due time,” Brown said. “Until then, keep a positive mindset. Be happy no matter what and, most of all, be safe.”