Candice Ho, Female Drum Major

Candice HoAt halftime, the crowd quiets and anxiously waits for the marching band to begin. The drum line eagerly leads the band out on to the field, keeping everyone in step. With a whistle, Candice Ho begins to count off.

Candice is the first female drum major at Wilde Lake since 1999.
Having been part of the band program since her freshmen year, Candice has developed her skills as a musician by balancing her piano and flute studies while marching in the band.

To get the position, Candice practiced daily to show her commitment and talent.

“It’s just one of those jobs that guys usually have,” says Candice. Candice has never felt that being a girl has stopped her from pursuing her goals.

“She’s very responsible,” says one student, who has asked to remain anonymous after voting for Candice in the open election. “She has great leadership skills, and represents the band well. She is a skilled conductor.”

Having taken up a leadership role, Candice still wants to be seen as an equal. “I want people to respect me as their leader, but love me as one of them,” says Candice.

Candice is well known for her optimism, which is what makes her a good leader. “She’s upbeat,” says Mr. Dutrow. “She never has a rainy day.”