Jake Domenick-Urbansky: A Jake of All Trades


Jake Domenick-Urbansky performing Wind Ensemble latest piece, “Of Our New Day Begun” by Omar Thomas. (Photo by Charlotte Fetters)

It isn’t uncommon for students to pick up an instrument at a young age. Whether it be through parental encouragement or in elementary school, many musicians start their journey young. 

Jake Domenick-Urbansky, a senior at Wilde Lake, has been playing in band as early as fourth grade. His first instrument was the euphonium. When he started his freshman year he picked up the trombone, and just recently started the tuba, but his interest in music dates back to before brass.

“My interest started ever since I got my first instrument at seven, which was a piano,” Jake says. “I just remember sitting down and playing whatever I wanted. I would listen to music and I wanted to learn how to recreate it.”

Music is something that has always piqued Jake’s interest. “I like to know how things work, and music is definitely my number one.”

That interest was awakened by the euphonium, his favorite instrument. “It was my first instrument; it’s the best sounding in my opinion,” he says. “But it’s difficult, too. It’s hard like a trumpet where you have to produce a sound and know all of the proper fingers for notes. You need the right embouchure.”

Jake’s second favorite instrument would be the trombone. “Trombone is basically a giant tuning slide. You can make really cool sounds on the trombone that you can’t for other instruments. For me it’s all about keeping tempo and consistency. It teaches me how to be more confident while playing.”

Jake is currently in Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, and Jazz Band. For him, band is how he can come out of his shell. 

“Music encourages me, especially in marching band,” Jake says. “I feel like during the marching band season, I’m much more confident about things and more outgoing. I see myself doing things that I wouldn’t usually do.”

His love isn’t the only driving force in his music. The people around him are what motivates him as well. “I want to make people smile when I play. I want to make people happy and comfortable.” 

With his love of music, Jake sees himself passing that down to others as he grows.

To Jake, music is magical. “It gives me strength,” he explains.