The Wilde Lake “Corner Cafe” Free Food Pantry


Students in the Wilde Lake cafeteria. Photo by Ayonna Ramey, edited by Sarah Rubin.

Beginning on March first, a permanent food pantry will begin at Wilde Lake, called The Corner Cafe. 

The food bank was started by Mrs. Leonard and Ms. Volpe, who agreed that it’d be useful in the endeavour to help families with a lack of available resources, who are unable to attain the food needed to sustain them healthily throughout the week. 

Some of the products going to be provided are cups of noodles, protein bars, tuna fish cans, toiletries, hygiene products, and much more. There will also be a menu available for families to choose from other options if they have food constraints. 

To receive food from the program, students and families aren’t required to be in the free reduced lunch system; everyone is welcome. When the forms are turned in, the family will be put on a list to receive a number, and then their bag filled up with food will be available for pick up every Thursday after school in room 140.

The bags will be packed by community volunteers, but they won’t know who’ll the bags will be for, so the entire system will remain anonymous. 

According to Ms. Volpe, a lot of schools have also recently opened up food pantries, including Harpers Choice Middle School, Homewood Alternative School, and Oakland Mills High School. The food pantry at Wilde Lake opens March first, and will be open to any families in need.