Administration Tightens Security without Alarming Students

Student OpinionAfter the incidents at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Lone Star College, and Price Middle School, it can feel as if the country is being swept by an epidemic of violence. It is only natural, then, that we call for new measures to protect students. Wilde Lake has not been immune to the clamor for change. The administration has created new policies and increased the enforcement of existing security measures.

But as the gun control and school security debate evolves, decisions must not be made based on emotional responses to isolated incidents. Fortunately, Wilde Lake has been careful to prevent these changes from causing a panic.

The administration has been consistently reminding students about its existing policies. The ban on entering the school through the side doors is one area of focus. The side stairwells are being more closely monitored and Mr. LeMon has reiterated this rule through the morning announcements. Teachers have also been informed that students cannot stay in classrooms alone. Rather than alarming students and teachers with radical changes, the administration is enforcing its existing policies.
Wilde Lake also plans to install additional surveillance cameras. To students, a change in the number of cameras is neither noticeable nor a reason for panic. These cameras will make a big difference in the administration’s knowledge of the school’s goings-on.

On March 13, the school practiced a code red lockdown. The announcement for all students and teachers to huddle under their desks did not cause alarm or chaos. Teachers confidently dictated the proper procedure to the students, who responded with an equal amount of calm and organization.

Considering the storm of debate that swelled up after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, it would have been easy for Wilde Lake to make irrational, reactive decisions in an effort to protect students. Instead, the administration made gradual, thoughtful changes. The administration deserves to be commended for preventing the students, parents, and faculty from descending into panic.

After all, every one of us understands just how powerful fear can be. Fear for our own lives and those of our friends and family can spark a desperate, blind search for reassurance. We have all read The Crucible. While the nation looks for a witch, be it the availability of guns or the lack of metal detectors in schools, to use as a scapegoat after the Sandy Hook tragedy, Wilde Lake has remained calm.

The administration took precautions against allowing fear to infiltrate the school. The balance between safety and a relaxed learning environment is precarious, but the administration managed to maintain it flawlessly. Thank you, Wilde Lake, for avoiding the witch hunt.