Wilde Lake Pilots Electronic Recommendation Tool

Wilde Lake Pilots Electronic Recommendation Tool

This winter, teachers began using a new electronic class scheduling and recommendation tool. The new system does not replace the current paper-based process, but is a supplement intended to increase efficiency and decrease waste.

This is the first time Howard County high schools will see the use of an online scheduling tool accessible to both teachers and parents.

“The new system seems very efficient,” said Mrs. Wu. “Students don’t have to worry about getting signatures, andteachers can recommend their students with just a click.”

Mrs. Wu looks forward to a day where teachers are not “having papers shoved in their faces all the time.”

Senior Emma Hughes supports the progression towards a more technology-dependent school, believing it to be a necessary change.

“With this and the switch to Aspen’s attendance system, school is becoming more electronic. And this is a good thing. It allows people to get more done within a time frame,” said Hughes.

However, students and teachers arewary of problems that may arise with the piloting of such a new program.

According to Mrs. Volpe, “One problem might be that the teachers won’t be able to talk to every student about the classes they choose.”

The lack of direct communication poses as a potential problem for students, especially for incoming freshmen who may desire more face-to-face interaction with their teachers.

“Teachers were more direct with students in middle school,” said Freshman Cyrus Morral. “I need that interaction with my teachers.”The new system does not, though, represent a complete overhaul of the paper-based recommendation process, according to Mrs. Pashigian.

“Parents will still see all recommendations on one sheet of paper and counselors will still review courses with students . . . The process will remain personal,” said Mrs. Pashigian.

Mrs. Pashigian believes the switch is merely part of a natural progression. Despite the problems that may arise with the new program, Wilde Lake will “always [be] looking for ways to improve and become more efficient.”