New FACS Teacher Kimberlee Brown Makes a Smooth Transition Into Wilde Lake

New FACS Teacher Kimberlee Brown Makes a Smooth Transition Into Wilde Lake

For new FACS teacher Kimberlee Brown, FACS is about life skills.

“Students should be able to cook and be self-sufficient, take care of themselves, and know how to be safe in the kitchen,” said Ms. Brown.

Ms. Brown came to Wilde Lake this year for the diversity. “I’ve chosen Wilde Lake to transfer to because it’s a large high school with a diverse population,” said Ms. Brown. “My experience so far has been wonderful.”

Ms. Brown is incredibly passionate about her job. She says she enjoys absolutely everything about the FACS department, including “cooking, life skills, fashion, and definitely nutrition.”

Her inspiration to become a teacher blossomed due to the motivation from the familial environment. “There are teachers throughout my whole family.” Ms. Brown also says her kids were a big influence on her decision, as well as the FACS teacher she had in high school.

Ms. Brown has high hopes for her FACS students this year. “I hold my students to a high standard in their behavior,” said Ms. Brown. “I hold them accountable for their own learning.”

In college, Ms. Brown earned her undergraduate degree in health science and nutrition based journalism, and her master’s degree in teaching. From there she went on to teach FACS  in Montgomery County, and transitioned into middle and high school FACS classes in Howard County.

This year, Ms. Brown hopes for growth as a class and as a teacher. “[I want to] really grow the FACS department and teach kids about culinary arts and nutrition,” said Ms. Brown.

Ms. Brown wants to teach kids about the way that food is handled, and make her students’ high school FACS education as successful as her’s was. “I am a true believer in the fact that the basics never change.”