Mrs. Babe is the New Friendly Counselor at Wilde Lake


Mrs. Babe, the new 9th grade counselor at Wilde Lake wants to get to know students and wants them to feel comfortable with her.

Mrs. Babe went to Hofstra University in New York, where she majored in Psychology. After graduating she knew she wanted to work with kids, and later decided she wanted to be a counselor and work with kids outside of the classroom.

Before coming to Wilde Lake, Mrs. Babe worked in Baltimore County for eight years at Catonsville High School with 9th-12th graders. She also worked with the same ages last year at River Hill, but this year will be her first year working with just 9th graders.

She’s looking forward to working with students. “I want them to feel comfortable to come and talk to me if they have any questions. It doesn’t have to be about school,” said Mrs. Babe.

She also wants students to know that counselors are able to do more than just schedule changes. “Sometimes kids think we’re just here to work with you on your schedules, but that’s not true. We’re here to help you with anything,” said Mrs. Babe.