Mr. Bowen Joins Wilde Lake Staff as Pupil Personnel Worker


Mr. Bowen’s path to become a Pupil Personnel Worker at Wilde Lake hasn’t been traditional.

“I used to be an accountant, and then I got married. My wife was an art teacher at Owings Mills High School, and it seemed like she had a fantastic job,” said Mr. Bowen. “I looked into it, and I met someone who was a guidance counselor, and I learned about that. I ended up going to school to be a guidance counselor.”

As a Pupil Personnel Worker, or PPW, Mr. Bowen helps provide support to all parts of the school community. “I help support the registrar, and counselors, and administration. I also get to help families in crisis. I get to provide support to different families in the community and help families connect with different resources,” said Mr. Bowen.

Mr. Bowen earned his undergraduate degree at Towson University and went to graduate school at Loyola University.

This is his first year at Wilde Lake, and so far he has enjoyed the welcoming community. “It’s fantastic. Everyone’s been so nice and I really like it here,” said Mr. Bowen. “I’m happy to be here, and I’m really enjoying it.”