Karen Bui Joins Wilde Lake’s ESOL Department


ESOL teacher Karen Bui, who is new to Wilde Lake this year, says that her inspiration for teaching English came from her own family’s experiences in immigrating to the United States.

“My parents, as well as my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and many cousins, came to the US from Vietnam. When they arrived, they knew little English and didn’t know much about the culture of their new country,” said Ms. Bui.

It was these experiences, in addition to her love of learning and desire to help others realize their potential, that drove Ms. Bui to become a teacher.

“I want to support English learners and remind everyone that knowing multiple languages is a wonderful and special skill,” said Ms. Bui.

After receiving two degrees from the University of Maryland, Ms. Bui landed her first teaching job at Wilde Lake, and so far, she is enjoying her job.

“I love the community and spirit of Wilde Lake. Everyone is proud of Wilde Lake and it shows,” said Ms. Bui.

Ms. Bui says that her favorite part of teaching is her students: “I love all of my students. They are amazing people and their stories inspire me every day,” said Ms. Bui.

When she is not in the classroom, Ms. Bui participates in a color guard and enjoys cooking and spending time with family.