Ms. Tarr Returns to Wilde Lake to Give Back


Though Ms. Tarr is a new addition to our math department, she is no stranger to Wilde Lake. After graduating from Wilde Lake and attending Towson and College Park, she has returned to give back to the school community that helped her understand the value of a good education.

When she started high school here, a unattentive math teacher hindered her progress and she struggled to get good grades. After two math teachers graciously helped her outside of class, she was able to advance to above grade level math courses.

Tarr then joined the math team thanks to the confidence instilled in her by her teachers.  This is when she decided that she wanted make a difference in students life like her teachers did for her.

“They really influenced the rest of my life.  Without them I wouldn’t have gained confidence in my math skills which lead me to do so many other things,” said Tarr

Though this is her first year teaching, she is already finding out what she likes the most.

“My favorite part about teaching is helping students reach that moment when the lightbulbs in their head go off.” said Tarr, “I understand math can be really troubling to some people but I’m here to show you that it can be fun and easy.”

Not only does she devote time in class to helping students thrive, she also spends time during lunch and after school offering extra help.

“I’ve always loved math and now I’m excited to be able to show students that math can be easy and fun.”