Ms. Kipping Inspires Students to Love Science


Ms Kipping, the new chemistry and physics teacher at Wilde Lake has already made an impression, helping students after school and inspiring them to love science through her energetic approach to teaching.

Her passion for science was founded by her own high school chemistry teacher.

“My chemistry teacher inspired me and made me want to teach chemistry. I think when you show that you care about a student it really impacts them more than you think,” said Kipping.

Kipping grew up in Illinois at the largest high school in the nation and with such a large student body, she realized the importance of individualized learning

“I’ve always wanted to teach a very diverse group of students. I think [diversity] brings a lot of perspectives. It’s really different from where I grew up which is why I love it.”

Kipping takes that importance when it comes to teaching her students, focusing on getting to know her students as people.

“I like getting to know [them]. I think that my goal as a science teacher is to make all students believe that they can do science.”

She strives to empower her classes to love science through after school help and student discussions, allowing students to learn not only from a textbook but each other.

“It gets a really bad stigma that [science] is really hard [and] boring… I just like proving that it’s not true.”

Kipping is excited for the year to come and is looking forward to the future at Wilde Lake.

“All the people that I’ve worked with seem awesome and I’m just really excited to be here.”