Wilde Lake Prepares Prescott for Future In Music

Prescott began her musical career after her move to Maryland.

Former Band President, Leah Prescott, has been through just about every part of Wilde Lake’s music program. From Wind Ensemble, to Concert Band, to Jazz Band to Rock Band, she spends most of her free time playing music.  Her involvement in school bands started when her family moved from California to Maryland in 2012, and Prescott struggled to get into the rhythm of the East Coast. “When I got here, band class was one of the most welcoming classes. It was easy to relate to people through the music,” said Prescott. Although she started really getting into band in the 6th grade, she first began learning music at a very young age. When she was about five years old, Prescott’s father taught her the piano which kick-started her life with music. As she grew older, she started getting more involved. Currently, she devotes about 5-6 hours everyday to music, and she played the alto saxophone and trumpet in Wilde Lake’s band program. Not only was her time devoted during the school day, she rocked out after school in her band, Archangel, with Maddy Dozat, Praharsh Jani, Jordan Miller, and Brett Dombrowski. Her experiences continued after school as she interned at a music studio. Although she is sad to be leaving Wilde Lake, she’s excited for her future. She’s planning on majoring in music at UMBC and later becoming a music teacher at the high school or college level. “I hope that the band program will
continue to be as great as it is now. To anyone who isn’t involved in music,
you should be because it made me who I am today, offered me many opportunities and gave me memories that will last forever,” said Prescott.