The Paw Print

Common Ground

Mrs. Stang is well known for her travels abroad. Next year she will teach at Howard High School.

Ben Townsend, Advisor

January 24, 2013

  BY MRS. STANG As a whole, the memory I have kept of that chilly, summer night in a hostel in Buenos Aires elicits the most pure sense of triumph that I have yet to surpass. While I am inclined to recall such blissful moments, I know that the brain is a fickle device we possess. With ...

Believe in Yourself and Persevere

Mr. Lemon has been principal at Wilde Lake for two years.

Ben Townsend, Advisor

March 23, 2012

BY MR. LEMON Some of us in high school knew exactly what we wanted to do and who we wanted to be. Some did not have a clue. But you all should know that the sky is the limit, and we will be bound only by the limitations we place on ourselves. Life is a journey for all of us. It has certainly been ...

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