A Day Without My Cell Phone

Cell phones haveStudent Opinion become an almost necessary part of our lives. We use them for communication, entertainment, and even business. There are a lot of people who couldn’t go a single day without their phone. I decided I should try to survive a day without my beloved phone. Here is my experience.

7:20 AM: I give my phone to a fellow journalist and friend, Nathan, to hold onto for the day.

7:23 AM: I realized my pocket is barren of all technology. A feeling of discomfort and impending doom sweeps over me.

9:20 AM: Finished class work early, nothing to do. My only entertainment is the sound of the clock’s second hand ticking.

9:24 AM: I feel a sudden vibration come from my pocket. False hope.

9:45 AM: Because of the Black History Month assembly, I am now in fifth period. Everyone at my table is playing Flappy Bird or texting. This is the real test. The sharp noise of a text received goes through the air. Is this the end?

9:46 AM: Another false vibration.

10:12 AM: A lunch, some relief possibly. Communication at last.

10:15 AM: I was wrong, everyone’s on their phone. No salvation. So. Bored.

10:17-20 AM: More false vibrations. I began to scratch at my front right pocket without realizing it.

10:22 AM: Lunch is almost over, my only escape is writing notes for this article. I’ll be heading to fourth period soon. Maybe the urges to check my pocket will settle.

11:00 AM: Currently sitting in Speech and Communication, the class is doing silent work. I catch myself air texting. I must go on. I can’t give up. Three more hours.

11:15 AM: Productivity skyrocketing without the use of my phone. Although, since I finished all of my work, I have nothing to do and am in a dark void of boredom. My right front pocket is torn up from scratching at it.

11:30 AM: lol y did i do dis??? ROFL

11:40 AM: Threw my pen out of boredom just so I could get up and get it. Then signed a bathroom pass and made a few laps around the school, in record time mind you.

12:25 PM: After a bit of revitalizing communication with hallway-goers, I arrive at my Journalism class, only to go to the Black History Month assembly.

1:25 PM: I have arrived back in Journalism after the assembly. The hushed mumbles of the staff and the clicking of keys are the familiar sounds of insanity.

1:30 PM: With nothing else to do other than write notes, I begin to wonder how necessary cellphones are.

1:32 PM: They’re very important.

1:37 PM: My fellow Journalists are getting fed up with me. I think I may be losing my mind.

1:53 PM: Counting down the seconds until I get my phone back at 2:00 PM.

2:00 PM: Receive my phone from Nathan. You know, that wasn’t too bad.