Khari On Love

645px-Love_Heart_SVG.svgWhen you think of love, what do you think? This is a serious question because I feel everyone has a different opinion on love. I always wonder, do people share the same thoughts on love as me.

Love is a feeling that should be agreed on by two people, and I think that us high schoolers are so forced to feel love that we don’t. With movies, TV shows, books, and other influences, it’s almost like us teenagers are comparing our love to the love of these influences.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen a few high schoolers that really did passionately love each other. But, with Valentines Day recently passing I really did feel a lot of faux love around the air.

This Valentines Day, my Instagram and Twitter feeds were flooded with single people who were “lonely and proud” and couples who were “committed and proud,” I’m here to say that if you are lonely and proud many people do not care and if you are committed and proud, I’m pretty sure that we don’t care.

With our generation it seems as if love is more about me and less about your partner. When couples go straight to Twitter to share what their boyfriend or girlfriend gave them for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday. It comes off as “Look at me and look what I got” instead of “Wow, I love my significant other so much.”

Love is something that should be shared between two people and not the whole world. If anything, I’ve come to understand that your followers really don’t care about your love life excluding your exes and eventually your exes don’t care either.

We should take notes from celebrities who really try to make their love private. They value their privacy, which they have little of.

I want everyone to know that we (high schoolers) don’t need love to graduate high school. The only love a teenager needs is good loving from their parents.