5 Instagram Rules that Should Never be Broken

277c20_b5fc0c1d7f6f02ddb10bcdacc9fc66ceWhat apps are constantly up on your smart phone? The two that are always open in my phone happen to be Instagram and Twitter. Instagram to me is entertaining way to keep your friends updated through pictures. However, with social networks comes responsibility and etiquette.

There should be five rules in everyone’s Instagram handbook, with these rules our Instagram experience will be much more rewarding.

My first rule or the most important rule would be regarding posts per day. An Instagram user should only post one picture per day. If you post more than one on the same day, you don’t give your followers the right amount of time to digest the first picture you put up. Let them enjoy the first picture you spent so much time “editing.”

What do we see flooding our timelines every Monday and Wednesday? If you guessed Man Crush Mondays and Women Crush Wednesdays congratulations, you guessed right. “MCM’s” and “WCW’s” became a big thing in the year of 2013. Where people dedicated an Instagram post to their boyfriend, girlfriend, favorite actor, actress, or model to name a few. Well I’m here to tell you these posts must stop. Let’s try to leave these in 2013 but if that’s not the case just make sure to leave “MCM’s “and “WCW’s” to other platforms such as Twitter or Tumblr.

A common rule that is broken everyday is the “like for like” rule. The rule is simply, if someone likes your picture you return the favor. This rule epitomizes common courtesy. If you want to receive likes, you probably need to like other people’s pictures for them to feel the need to like yours. Unfortunately, many Instagram users do not appreciate this rule. Instagram would be more enjoyable if this rule was followed, guaranteed.

The fourth rule relates to comment response. Everyone should answer comments from time to time. I have seen many IG users not respond to comments and their followers classify them as arrogant. If your followers think that you feel you are above them you will lose followers. The loss of followers can lower your like count, which can take away from your Instagram experience. If you want a positive experience, respond to comments.

If you last have not listened to these rules I want you to take this one with you for as long as you use Instagram. Remember likes equate to nothing. Do not let likes get to your head. The more likes you have mean nothing, the less likes you have mean nothing because soon enough Instagram will join the long list of deceased social networks.

With these Instagram rules your positive experience with the app will increase immensely. So, go out and utilize the rules and your IG life will become better than it ever has.