For Incoming Freshman, First Quarter is a Balancing Act

For Incoming Freshman, First Quarter is a Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act for most students. Everyday after school, students have homework, studying, sports practice, clubs, other extracurricular activities, and then more homework. It’s no surprise that incoming freshmen nowadays are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

“I’m normally over- whelmed on a daily basis,” said freshman Griffin Diven. “I get home late and go to bed even lat- er.” Griffin participates in lacrosse and swimming among other things, and balancing his home- work is always a struggle.

“It’s hard to handle a lot of the stuff teachers give you. I’m in honors classes and sports and it’s a bit much,” he said.

Most teachers agree that homework can overload students. “Although we want to prepare our students for college, we need to keep in mind that students need to have a well rounded life,” says teacher Mrs. Pennington.

So how can students work around this obstacle? School psy- chologist Mr. Channel has one suggestion. “Time management, time management, and time management,” said Mr. Channel. “Make sure you plan and be aware of your time.” Mr. Channel urges students to manage their social, personal, and academic lives.

Griffin understands that high school will be a lot of work. He notes that, “handling all this is going to be hard, but I’m sure it will be worth it.”