Bringing “Fresh” Spirit to the Lake

Jesula Fleurizard guides her group of freshmen while they write letters to their future-selves.
Jesula Fleurizard guides her group of freshmen while they write letters to their future-selves.

While waiting for the schedule to resume on the day of PSAT testing, all fresh- men were gathered for a day of “fun.”

The freshmen class was split up and each group was assigned three to four senior leaders. In the main gym, students line-danced and did trust falls off of a table. In the cafeteria, students wrote letters to their future selves. On the track, they played Hot Lava and learned Wildecat cheers.

“The purpose of the day is to have the Freshmen bond and begin to develop leadership skills,” said Freshman Fun Day organizer Ms. Diane Caporaletti.

The senior leaders befriended the freshmen and made them feel welcome by giving advice about high school.

One group of freshmen was led by senior leader Bizu Baldinazzo.

“At first we had a rough time with our freshmen, there was some attitude, but when they saw that we had a lot in common with them they thought we were pretty cool,” said Baldinazzo.

Baldinazzo believes that a big part of making the day fun was the fact that it was led by seniors, not teachers.

“If the teachers were the leaders, it probably wouldn’t have been as laid back and would have felt more like a mandatory activity for kids. We weren’t afraid to look stupid. The seniors promised that ‘what happened at Freshman Fun Day, would stay at Freshman Fun Day.’ I know that a good number of kids took what we said to heart because we really wanted to help them out,” said Baldinazzo.

Some students hope more freshman will participate in the activities in the future. However, some opinions were mixed. According to one freshman, “It was not as fun as it could have been because barely anyone would truly participate and show some school spirit in the activities.”

Though other freshmen who did participate said the day was a lot of fun to connect and show school spirit.

Freshmen Tess Kostelec’s favorite activity was cheering on the track.

“I liked spending time with my class and getting to know them better,” said freshmen Tess Kostelec. “Overall I definitely enjoyed it.”