Winter Sports Blossom at Wilde Lake

Winter Sports Blossom at Wilde Lake

Historically, Wilde Lake’s Winter Sports have been consistently inconsistent. But this year, the Lake’s winter sports are blooming with talent.

Last year’s girls varsity basketball team went to the second round of playoffs led by seniors Lindsey Williams, Grayson Corbett, and sophomore Brynn Drury. Wrestling brought home two county titles led by senior Malik Jackson. Boys varsity basketball went to the third round led by seniors DeVon Groves and Spencer Ampofo. Indoor track scored many points in all events, led by Matthew and Cameron Lumpkin.

Wilde Lake’s girls basketball has been waiting in eager anticipation for this upcoming season. Coach Williams led her team into the second round where, within the last seconds, they lost by a devastating two points to Stephen Decatur High School. She said this year’s team is looking to improve from last year’s.

The difference between last year’s team and this year’s team is

optimism. Last year, with such a good run in the playoffs, players feel they can be even better this year. The team has been preparing by participating in a fall league that has some of Maryland’s best competition. “I am excited for the season because the people on the team will make the season very fun and enjoyable,” says Drury. She believes the team is closely knit which means better team chemistry. According to Drury, they are ready to take on the county.

Boys basketball has had its share of “ups and downs” over the last few years. Two years ago with a 17-5, record the basketball team was second in the county, and lost in the first round of playoffs. Last year the team ended with a 9-13 record and made it to the third round of playoffs. This year’s team is much different than last year’s, according to Head Coach Deonne Wingfield. “We will be real competitive in the county. My goal is for us to be at least top three ,” says Mr. Wingfield.

Mr. Wingfield plans on implementing a new defense that will be played very aggressively

this year. “We will have a defensive mentality this year,” says Wingfield.

Senior DeVon Groves talks about how pre-season training has benefited the team. “We’ve been hitting the gym at 6:00 in the morning before school and four out of our five starters have stayed in shape by playing football,” says

“The [fans] that do come out are great fans because they watch us perform and stay until the very end. No matter what the end result and I love that.”

Groves. He believes team chemistry has been “a big theme” in this year’s team.

This year’s varsity wrestling team looks to be small in roster but big in talent. With returning county champ Malik Jackson leading the team, it looks like they will do well this year. Jackson has won two county titles in a row and will be looking for a third. He is also striving to win a state championship. The team has

been preparing by wrestling in the off-season, Jackson especially. “I went to two national tournaments and came one round from being an all-American. My team placed 10th in the nation. So I had some of the best competition in my life,” said Jackson.

According to Jackson, this year’s wrestling team wants the fans to come out. “We have good fans, but we still need more. The ones that do come out are great fans because they watch us perform and stay until the very end. No matter what the end result is and I love that.”

Indoor track this year is blossoming with talented runners ready to rake in points for the team. Led by senior twins Matthew and Cameron Lumpkin, the team is optimistic for the upcoming season. Four sophomores on the girls team are experienced runners who dominated the outdoor competition last year. Quez Bradley, Matthew Lumpkin, Jas Chung, and Sam Enomana will be the main people to watch out for on the track.

According to coaches, winter sports teams are about the fan

support this year. “The fan base at Wilde Lake seems great this year. A strong fan base will definitely help the team,” says varsity basketball coach Deonne Wingfield.

Sophomore Brynn Drury says the girls varsity basketball team fan base has room to improve. “I don’t think the fan base will be good at the beginning of the season. But since we [the team] will improve, I think the fan base will too.” Drury believes the fan base will start off weak because of their record last year.

Wrestling and track coaches feel their fan bases can be stronger as well. According to Malik Jackson, the fan base will be strong because of the matches the wrestling team has won. “We have a good fan base. They come watch my teammates and I perform. Our fans are very spirited. I feel that with them we win more!” Sprinter Cameron Lumpkin is optimistic about the fan base. “Indoor tracks fans will improve because more people will become interested in us winning.”

All in all, the winter sports teams are striving towards improvement and progress.