Lunch Staff Implements New Pin System

A student types in their pin number before sitting down to enjoy their meal. (Photograph, Syra Kayani).
A student types in their pin number before sitting down to enjoy their meal. (Photograph, Syra Kayani).

“Point of Sale,” the new electronic system for keeping track of and paying for student lunches, allows parents to fund an online account from which their child can pay for breakfast and lunch at school.

Within the first month of the 2013-2014 school year, students received a six digit identification number by mail. To access any funds on their account to buy lunch, students must punch their assigned number into a keypad, which is connected to the register. The system gives parents the ability to monitor, online, their child’s lunch expenditures.

Compared to previous years’ tedious methods of ar- chiving paper records, the new system was implemented to improve record keeping, ac- cording to the lunch staff.

With the program coming into effect this year, some students have begun express- ing concerns about Point of Sale. Freshman Taylor Thomas is concerned about time lost at lunch.

“In theory, it’s a good idea, but it slows the process down,” said Thomas. “When students forget their numbers, or input them incorrectly, the lunch staff member has to find the person on the computer, and verify her face.”

According to Thomas, buying lunch has became too much of a “hassle and inconvenience . . . I just stopped buying lunch altogether,” said Thomas.

Sophomore Jah’Dai Bry- ant is in agreement that the pin numbers have made lunch in- efficient for students. “I’d prefer if there were less numbers to have to remember just to buy lunch,” said Bryant. “Students forget these too easily, and this affects us all.”

While some students are frustrated with Point of Sale, others see the benefits of the new program.

According to Sophomore Samar Abdalla, “I think it helps forgetful students,” said Abdalla. “The system makes it so students have a back-up if they forget their lunch money.”

Students like junior Mat- thew Zayeneh have noticed the benifits of facial verificition. “Now students cannot steal or buy lunches for other people,” said Zayeneh. “I used to always see students walk right out without paying.”

According to Sophomore Heather Sun, “Once Students have their numbers completely memorized and everyone is used to the system, this new system could potentially make a difference.”

Sun feels the system could lead to quicker lunch transactions. For the lunch staff, Point of Sale makes an inefficient system, efficient.