Administration Changes Schedule, Students Lose Time

Administration Changes Schedule, Students Lose Time

After asking his Math teacher for extra help before the test, waiting in the lunch line for far too long, and then finally settling down to enjoy his meal, Joseph Howards has only 10 minutes left to wipe the grease off his pizza and eat. “I feel extremely rushed,” says Joseph. “No one has time to even finish eating. I’ve had to throw away my half eaten lunch several times.”

In an administrative decision, the three minutes, which was once designated to students for walking to lunch, or back to class, has been removed from the fourth period block. Now, students no longer have a full 30 minutes for break in the day.

Students like Senior Arianna Nichol- son are discontent with the loss of time.

According to Nicholson, “There’s no time to get stuff things done. I do not eat breakfast in the morning, so if I lose all of my time for lunch because I have to go meet a teacher to get help, or check in with my guidance counselor on my college applications, I do not get to eat.”

“By the time I get home, it’s been like 7 hours without food, and I have no energy for the day. It’s frustrating,” said Nicholson.

According to English teacher Mrs. Reely, the loss of time is inconvenient. Mrs. Reely, like many other teachers, faces the challenges of the new change. “It creates a further burden on my students. As a teacher, I can barely get my lunch in. I have to wolf it down in order to get back to class.”

This change was made with good intentions in mind. It includes added time for announcements without having to take away instructional time. Eleventh grade administrator Mrs. Foyles agrees, “We want to make sure students are receiving information timely without compromising instructional time.”